Doctors Warn Of Gel Nail Polish Dangers, Claiming It May Lead Up To Cancer


Although artificial gel nail polish tend to be a popular trend due to its lack of chipping and quickness, doctors advise against it, claiming it may cause wrinkling and skin cancer.

According to Fox Carolina, dermatologists say that it is not the gel nail polish itself that is deemed hazardous, but the way the nail polish is dried. In a professional nail salon, technicians use a small machine that contains an ultraviolet light, which is most common in tanning beds.

The UV light will dry the artificial gel nail polish within 30 seconds, but although it’s a hasty process, it can cause long-lasting health risks.

“It is actually damaging the skin causing aging, pre-skin cancer or skin cancer kind of changes,” said Dr. Elaine Cook.

“The ultraviolet lights is similar to what they use is similar to use in tanning beds.

Any time you have any sort of light radiation, I think there is some risk.”

Dr. John Humeniuk stated that “Some concerns were raised several years ago about the possibility of skin cancers from using ultraviolet lights.”

“These ultraviolet units are actually the same kind of bulbs essentially that you see in tanning beds. Which does cause wrinkles and skin cancers if you do use it for a lot of exposure.”

“They produce very little UV,” he added.

“The use of these gels these acrylics the light will actually cause the original nail plate to actually separate from the bed and now you have a gap where moisture or bacteria and yeast can grow, so this actually is more of the bigger problems.”

Although it may be expensive, nail salon owners have considered the dangers of gel nail polish, and have opted to look into other ways of drying the polish, such as LED Light.

According to spa owner Manisay Gabbard, he stated that”The LED light is a very fast cure. It’s a 30 second cure. For us as a therapist we need to get you in and out.”

“We used UV before, but now they have the popular LED, so we use that. Because it’s faster to dry and it doesn’t harm the skin,” said Paul Nguyen who is the manager at a nail salon called Planet Nails in Amarillo.

Not only can the UV light affect your health, but it can affect your nails as well. Dr. Cook stated that the light can cause your nails to become brittle because of the oxygen that’s being taken away by the UV light.

Doctors claim that every exposure to UV light can cause a risk, but if customers opt to get artificial gel nails using the UV light to dry it, then it is recommended to do it as less often as possible.