'Secrets And Lies' Update: 'Cornell Confidential' Teases Bad News, Season 2 Buzz Builds

Fans were left stunned with the Secrets and Lies finale Sunday night and everybody wants to know what comes next. As Season 1 ended, it was revealed that Abby killed Tom and Ben went to jail to cover for her. ABC hasn't revealed a decision about a renewal or cancellation yet, but there has been more developing beyond the episode that aired Sunday night.

The series has been sharing additional short web episodes in its Cornell: Confidential series on the ABC site. The one that went up after Sunday's finale definitely got people buzzing. It takes place 14 months after the finale and shows Natalie meeting Dave in a coffee shop to celebrate her 18th birthday.

The two talk about how Ben is gone and how he would have been proud of Natalie. As they talk, Cornell walks into the shop. She says that now that Nat is an adult, she can speak for herself. Cornell says that she knows Ben didn't kill Tom, and that's why she's there.

Cornell praises Nat for how well she's done "despite everything that's happened this past year." She talks about Ben's secret and how he is gone now. Everything about Ben is referenced in the past tense, which most definitely leads many to take that to mean that at this point, Ben is dead. The wording is carefully constructed, though, seemingly so that they could bring Ben back if they could convince Ryan Phillippe to go another round with the character.

Nat says that she wants to clear her dad's name, and Cornell says she needs Nat's help to overturn Ben's conviction. They talk about Abby having confessed to the family, and Nat says that her sister needs to answer for what happened. At the end of the Cornell: Confidential clip, Cornell is seen catching up to Christy and Abby as they stroll along a pier.

Is Ben Crawford really dead, with Ryan Phillippe done with the show? Fans will be disappointed to hear that according to Phillippe, he is indeed done. Ryan tweeted that his story ended with the Season 1 finale. When fans asked if he'd be involved if the show came back for Season 2 he said that wasn't possible. There has been a lot of buzz that Ryan only ever planned with the network to do one season, but fans definitely want more.

According to Hollywood Life, ABC will be announcing a renewal or cancellation decision regarding Secrets and Lies at the upfronts in mid-May. It seems that the plan for Season 2, as many suspected would be the case, is to have the focus be on Juliette Lewis and a new cast. In fact, sources seemingly indicate that she would be the only returning cast member.

Will fans tune in if Cornell is the only familiar face in Season 2? Some fans love Lewis in the role and say they're ready for more while others say what they loved about the show is apparently now gone in the Crawford family leaving. There clearly is plenty that could be told yet in terms of the Crawfords and viewers want to see more. In fact, a Hollywood Life poll overwhelmingly indicated that Phillippe's involvement was key in their interest in the show.

TVLine confirmed ABC's plan to bring Lewis back and focus on a different mystery should Secrets and Lies Season 2 become a reality. Will fans tune in if that's the case? Will viewers get any closure regarding what happened to Ben Crawford and whether Abby is held accountable for Tom's murder? For now Secrets and Lies fans will have to stay tuned for developments as ABC makes a final decision.

[Photo via Ryan Phillippe's Instagram]