Bride Feuds With Wedding Photographer: ‘Ugly Bridezilla’ Comment On Facebook Made By Photographer Goes Viral

A bride is in a feud with her wedding photographer, who allegedly called her a “bridezilla” and the “ugliest bride” he’s photographed.

It’s a situation that’s quickly gotten out of control after the bride, Ashlea Howard, apparently let Lee Maxwell Judd know that she wasn’t pleased with his photos from her special day.

Ashlea married her husband, Daniel Howard, back in February at Bendooley Estate in Australia’s Southern Highlands town of Berrima, according to The Daily Telegraph. The couple decided to hire a builder in the Highlands who works as a wedding photographer in his spare time — and has for 20 years. The bride began feuding with the wedding photographer after Ashlea complained that Judd started drinking. It got worse when the USB stick she received from Judd contained hundreds of photos that didn’t even belong to her.

When Judd was made aware of the error, he took it out on Howard, telling her that she should get her “head checked.”

Judd apologized for the confusion and offensive comments via text message, according to the report.

He texted, “There was a huge mistake with another Ashley on my part and I apologize sincerely. The other Ashley wants your address so she can post your disk.”

“You told me I needed to get my head checked and I was a crazy person,” Howard responded.

“Yes I’m a tossa for that,” Judd answered back.

It seemed things were alright until Ashlea got her actual wedding pictures back from the photographer. She complained that some were okay, but that many were blurry, lacked detail, overexposed, and out of focus. She wasn’t at all happy with the results and requested a refund. That’s when things really hit the fan, and the bride’s feud with the wedding photographer got a bit testy.

“Ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Winged the whole time. Bridezilla #1,” Judd allegedly wrote on the Facebook post above.

Judd, however, denies posting his bridezilla comment. He claims that he was hacked.

“I don’t even know anything about that post,” said Judd. “Not long after the hacking started to happen I just unpublished the page and I haven’t bothered to even go there.”

There were other posts on the wedding photographer’s Facebook page that were nasty towards Ashlea Howard. She was called a “b****” and other rude names, but he says he didn’t do it.

Ashlea Howard has thanked many for their support while disputing with Lee Maxwell Judd. It’s definitely a bride’s nightmare. If Judd called her a “bridezilla” and the “ugliest bride” he’s taken photos of, that in the eyes of many is getting low. Right now, Howard is going over her options and getting advice from other photographers on whether she should fight for a refund of the wedding photographs.

[Photo Credit: Ashlea Howard/Facebook]