‘Survivor’ Spoilers: ‘Second Chances’ Season Said To Give One-Time Players Chance To Return

'Survivor' stars Kelly Wiglesworth and Abi Maria Gomes

The Season 30 finale of Survivor airs on CBS Wednesday night, and fans can’t wait to see who wins this season. At the same time, viewers are looking ahead to what is coming up in the next version of the show. What Survivor spoilers are available regarding what may end up being the fall outing?

Show host Jeff Probst teased via Twitter that they’re about to share some big news. Probst’s tease definitely falls in line with other Survivor spoilers that have been floating around for a bit. The buzz is that the show is doing a “Second Chances” season, and viewers will get to have a hand in deciding who should play the game another time.

As Reality Blurred details, both Survivor Season 31 and 32 are filming in Cambodia. One season has already been filming, and that one would normally end up airing in the fall. However, many suspect that the two seasons filming this spring and summer will be flip-flopped in terms of when they air to accommodate this “Second Chances” twist.

That would mean the returning players would film in May and June with the season to air in the fall, with the season already filming being held until next spring. So far, it’s not known for absolute certain that this is how CBS will juggle these two seasons, but it seems likely. The other scenario would be that CBS airs the season already filmed this fall as is typical, and this veterans season will air next spring.

Just what is the plan for Survivor: Second Chances? According to established Survivor spoiler guru Redmond, voting on this cast begins after Wednesday’s finale and goes on until May 20. The potential contestants are said to be prior castaways who are all one-time players, with no winners in the mix.

From the sounds of things, about 34 former castaways will be vying for the votes of viewers, with 20 to ultimately be selected. It’s not clear at this point whether viewer votes will determine the entire slate of “Second Chances” castaways, or if the network will have a hand in deciding as well. Though the pool of potential contestants doesn’t necessarily seem to be absolutely solid, there are some big names there that fans are quite excited about.

Redmond’s Survivor spoilers tease choices such as Kelly Wiglesworth, Brad Culpepper, Vytas Baskauskas, Abi Maria Gomes and Woo Hwang for this “Second Chances” season. There have been some shifts in the rumored list over the past few weeks, with some disappointments as prior players like Hayden Moss, Greg Buis, Angie Layton, and J’Tia Taylor end up shifted to the “out” category.

There will surely be a few of the Season 30 castaways in the mix, and most certainly a surprise or two, as the full slate is officially revealed. It is believed that there will be campaign videos available on the CBS site once the announcement is made, along with serious social media campaigning by the potential castaways. From the looks of things, many are already hinting that they are part of something big ahead.

How will the Survivor: Second Chances season work? How many Survivor spoilers will fans manage to get their hands on before the season premieres? Stay tuned for details as it all plays out.

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