Pit Bull, Puppies Shooting: House Set On Fire In Florida Animal Cruelty Case

Pit bull shooting: Sophie and her puppies rescued from burning home in Miami

The attempted shooting of a pit bull and her puppies hit Florida last Wednesday, April 29. The canines survived, but not after arson was added to the list of dangers.

Animal lovers and PETA could be furious with the owners over this, but it wasn’t the owners’ fault. It all happened in a drive-by shooting in Miami.

Sophie is a pit bull mix and a mother of three new puppies, two boys and a girl, both about 4-weeks-old. The unfortunate series of events in Miami have resulted in these furry friends moving to Titusville, a town about an hour’s drive outside Orlando.

Currently in the hands of SPCA of Brevard, Sophie and her puppies are quite happy and healthy.

Angie Friers, associate director of the facility who is now taking care of the dogs after the attempted pit bull shooting, told the press, “The pit was involved in a drive-by shooting, and some gang and turf wars down in Miami.”

The house these dogs had lived in was one of many caught up in the turf war, riddled with bullets, and even subjected to a Molotov cocktail. The dogs had been left in the care of a Miami-Dade animal shelter, where Friers was determined to not let them live “one minute longer.”

Friers and several volunteers left for South Florida on Saturday to pick up the pups and bring them to Titusville. On Monday, SPCA workers approved Sophie and her puppies for adoption in the coming weeks.

“They are not like humans; they don’t think of the past. They live in the present. All she knows, and her puppies know, is that they are safe with us.”

“We all know that a cold shelter floor is no place for a mom to raise babies, so I asked our dog intake team if we could find room to bring this family in also and get them into a foster home. Since I work with the most compassionate set of animal lovers ever, we arranged to pick up that family, too.”

This pit bull shooting does have a happy ending, with the whole family ready for a happy new home.

[Image via SPCA of Texas / Culture Map]