Courteney Cox Says She Loved Directing Ex David Arquette

Courteney Cox says that giving her ex-husband orders wasn’t nearly as hard as some people might have thought during her directorial debut. It probably helps that Courteney Cox and former betrothed David Arquette seem to still be on friendly terms, despite the fact that the pair had to end their marriage.

According to US Weekly, Courtney Cox not only didn’t have a problem in directing David Arquette, but she said that she also “more than enjoyed” the experience. Courteney Cox is helming and David Arquette is starring in the film Just Before I Go. Those who want to see how the pair worked together don’t have to wait long, because the Courteney Cox directorial debut is now available across all the digital formats, including iTunes and Amazon Video.

It seems as if Courteney Cox actually benefited quite a lot by having her ex-husband, someone she knew very well, in the project. During a recent interview she said, “It’s so nice to direct someone you know so well because you know their go-tos and you know what they fall back on…I really liked working with him. David was really open–all the actors were–they really put a lot of trust in me, which was great.”

Courteney Cox is obviously more well-known as someone who is in front of the camera — most famously as Monica on Friends — but she seems to really enjoy this new job description. “I love it more than anything,” she said recently. “I’m directing a video for a band right now called Kodaline. They’re amazing. My fiancé [Johnny McDaid] had produced a track with them and when they were doing it at the studio, I said, ‘Guys, I have to direct this video.’ I felt it, I saw it.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Courteney Cox made it clear that even if she doesn’t spend the rest of her career directing, there likely isn’t any chance that a Friends reunion is going to be something that comes down the pike. In fact, it appears the actress wanted to make sure fans understood it’s officially time to move on, telling them to “let it go.” Despite those relatively harsh words, it seems unlikely that fans will let it go, at least for another couple of years. In the meantime, Courteney Cox will focus on other aspects of the entertainment industry while also working with David Arquette to raise the couple’s 10-year-old daughter Coco.

[Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA/Newsmakers]