‘Longmire’ Season 4 Rumored For Fall Release On Netflix: Don’t Screw This Up, Binge Watchers!

Longmire Season 4 may be coming to Netflix sooner than you think, which is great news to people like me, who wanted to egg A&E’s offices when they canceled the series unceremoniously at the end of its third run.

How could this show that many of us Netflix binge watchers were just starting to embrace be canceled right when it was hitting its stride?

Thankfully, Netflix was impressed enough with its 3 million-plus audience — and the rabid fans of Craig Johnson’s books on which the show is based — to bring the series back for Season 4, keeping the entire cast on board so audiences would (hopefully) not even realize the break.

While news of Netflix’s involvement with the series has been known for quite some time, what hasn’t been known is how filming is going and when viewers could expect the return.

Thanks in part to Cassidy Freeman, the insanely cute actress who plays Longmire’s daughter on the series, filming is underway. She posted the image above via her Twitter account. That fellow you’re looking at is none other than Henry himself, Lou Diamond Phillips.

A later story by Enstarz reported unconfirmed rumors that Longmire Season 4 would hit Netflix in the fall of 2015, which would be most welcome to those of us just now catching up on the third season.

While I would advise against taking any rumor as fact, it is worth noting in conjunction of the filming and how long Netflix historically releases a show after wrap.

Since the filming is firmly underway, the fall isn’t much of a stretch, but if you do have to wait a bit longer, just be grateful you’re getting more Longmire!

And before departing, a message to those of you Netflix binge watchers sad that you just ran out of your favorite show, be it Daredevil or House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black: this is a fantastic series, but the only way it can stay afloat is if you embrace it. That means jumping in and watching the first 30 episodes pronto on Netflix starting today.

Netflix doesn’t release its numbers to the public, but they know a hit and a failure when they see it, and they’re not going to continue backing a horse that won’t ride. So, fire up the popcorn, break out the Cokes, and get busy couch potato-ing.

Are you excited for Longmire Season 4? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Cassidy Freeman Twitter, linked above]