Jon Stewart Blasts Ted Cruz, Highlights Instances Of Hypocrisy [Video]

The Republican field for presidential candidates doubled this week, with Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Mike Huckabee tossing their hats into the ring alongside those of declared candidates Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. And Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show, thinks the Republicans already need to narrow the widening race for the Republican nomination. His solution is simple.

Get rid of Ted Cruz.

“There are so many hopefuls in the Republican race, we’ve got to start narrowing the field,” Stewart explained. “Let’s do it with a game I call ‘Let’s Get Rid of Ted Cruz!'”

The reason why Ted Cruz should be eliminated, Stewart said, is because Ted Cruz cannot even live up to the high standards set by none other than Ted Cruz himself.

For example, Stewart played a clip that showed Ted Cruz railing against President Obama’s fundraising efforts, calling him the “fundraiser-in-chief” who is too busy to be “commander-in-chief.” And then another clip highlighted Ted Cruz adamantly vowing to vote against the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, saying his vote would be an “unambiguous no.”

Ted Cruz was the only senator who did not cast a vote in the confirmation of Attorney General Lynch. He missed the vote because he was on his way to a fundraiser for his campaign.

Stewart also played clips of Cruz’s claims that President Obama has “inflamed racial tensions” and repeatedly uses “divisive comments” at a time when America needs a leader who is able to bring people together. When pressed for specifics, however, Cruz was unable to provide any instances of President Obama inflaming racial tensions or using divisive comments.

Cruz, however, has a history of making divisive comments, which Stewart was quick to point out. In addition to referring repeatedly to Democrats as extremists and fascists, Cruz also refers to those who support marriage equality as waging a “jihad.” Stewart had no patience for Cruz’s hypocrisy.

“So you want a president who can bring people together who understands that, if you’re pro-marriage equality, you are the same as ISIS. Got it.”

Of course, Ted Cruz probably never expected to get the seal of approval from Jon Stewart, and may even consider the ridicule from Stewart to be a badge of honor.

Check out Jon Stewart’s complete take down of presidential hopeful Ted Cruz in the video below and tell us — do you think Ted Cruz is the Republican party’s “weakest link” within the field of presidential hopefuls?

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[Image via Comedy Central screen grab]