Kim Zolciak Is Furious: ‘It’s Time I Stop Posting Personal Pics Of Myself And My Kids’

Kim Zolciak may have put her entire life on television when she decided to film The Real Housewives of Atlanta a few years back. Back then, it was just Zolciak and her two daughters. Of course, there was the mystery man called Big Poppa, but for the most part, fans got to know Kim and her daughters. But when she met Kroy Biermann, things took a turn.

Since then, Kim Zolciak has opened up completely in regards to her family life. While filming Don’t Be Tardy, she has had four additional children and has been completely transparent about everything in her life. And of course, Zolciak must have known that not everyone would appreciate her sharing everything. These days, Kim will be slammed for selfies without makeup, which seems completely ludicrous.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Zolciak recently went back to her hometown and did an appearance where she talked about the haters. It is no secret that Zolciak may get rude comments, but these comments can be very harsh, especially towards her kids. Since Kim is very protective of her children, she will fight back. And it sounds like her patience is wearing thin when it comes to negative people. During the appearance, Zolciak was asked about negative people and how she deals with them.

“I try to delete them as soon as possible, because I really worry about my girls,” Kim Zolciak revealed to the crowd in Connecticut last week during an appearance in her home town.

Kim Zolciak revealed that she can handle the comments about herself because they don’t phase her much. She knows that these people don’t know her and that their comments are just random and rude. However, Zolciak is furious that people would comment on pictures of her children, especially in such judgmental tones.

“It really doesn’t phase me,” Kim Zolciak reveals, adding, “I have an amazing husband. I have a dream job. I could give two s****. You want to get on my page? You don’t even know who I am, really.”

On her social media pages, she has revealed that she doesn’t allow for negative comments. Zolciak could keep deleting comments and blocking people, but if people are determined to bring her down, they will continue to make fake profiles. But ultimately, Kim has the final say and she could remove her entire family from the spotlight if the online comments continue.

“I guess it’s time I stop posting personal pics of myself as well as my kids since some of you last night and today commented rudely about them,” Kim Zolciak revealed on her social media pages, but continues to post pictures of her children – for now.

Kim will continue to share her life on the small screen, as she and NeNe Leakes will soon debut in their own spin-off. According to the Inquisitr, Kim and NeNe ended their feud after a reunion show in Atlanta. As for her children, only time will tell how much exposure they will get on social media going forward.

What do you think about Kim Zolciak’s decision to stop posting personal pictures?

[Image via Bravo]