Adele As George Michael: Adele Celebrates Birthday By Dressing Up In Drag

Adele dressed up as George Michael to celebrate her birthday. According to USA Today, the British singer turned 27, and decided to have a bit of fun for herself. She shared four photo booth-style pictures of herself dressed in drag, facial hair and the whole nine yards.

It is unknown why Adele chose to dress like George Michael, or if this was part of some kind of theme party, but she did pull it off really well.

Adele actually got the attention of George Michael who sent a reply in response to tweet, wishing her a happy birthday, and letting her know that he loved her look. It was really quite a moment.

According to Us Weekly, Adele has been living her life out of the public eye for much of the year. She has only made headlines a couple of times (once was during a dinner where she chatted up actress Jennifer Lawrence), and hasn’t said much on social media. She is said to be working on her third studio album (21 was released in 2011), which is slated for a fall release. Fans are really hoping that she at least releases a single over the summer.

Adele and George Michael might be bonded for life now, and that could mean that the two will cross paths in the not-so-distant future. Some say that this could be a sign that the two are collaborating, or maybe it was Adele’s way to get George Michael’s attention so that she could talk to him about working together, who knows?

Perhaps the only other person who knows what it feels like to be as famous as Adele is Rebel Wilson. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Pitch Perfect 2 actress recently said that people mistake her for the Skyfall singer on a regular basis.

“Sometimes I get confused for Adele. And I’m like are you kidding me? Are you serious she’s like well better,” Rebel said. Both are blonde, both have accents, and both can sing, so it’s clear to see how people would get them confused, right?

Perhaps there will be some sort of collaboration there too. Adele could easily snatch a role as a Barden Bella in Pitch Perfect 3. Because why not?

[Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images]