WWE News: Update On Why ‘The New Day’ Won The WWE Tag Team Titles At ‘Extreme Rules’

New Day Champs

WWE faction The New Day has been interesting and fun to watch since they have turned heel. Early on, the face faction involving Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. simply wasn’t working. It didn’t matter who you were. You could be old, young, black, white, straight, etc. You most likely didn’t like what WWE has been doing with The New Day or the faction itself. No one would blame you either, it was stale seemingly from the beginning.

All three members are talented, which is why fans weren’t happy with the group. Two are former IC and US Champions. One is seeking a real life Doctorate in Educational Psychology. So, all three offer something much bigger than what they were doing. So, the night after WrestleMania, WWE RAW was flooded with New Day hate. The chant “New Day Sucks” was used in their clap, and it was gold.

WWE saw dollar signs in making them heel after this, and it appears that it has worked.

Heading into WWE Extreme Rules recently, many fans were under the impression that then champs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd had been performing at the top of their game and were seriously working well as a tag team. There was no way they would lose to a team that had mostly jobbed as of late, right? Fans didn’t think The New Day would win, and it was shocking when they did. So why did it happen?

New Day

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE likes the idea of The New Day defending the titles under the “freebird rule.” For those that do not know what this is, The Freebirds were a great wrestling faction years ago. There were three men most of the time, and every time they won a tag team title, two members of the time would work the match. You never knew which ones would work the match at each show, so it made it hard to plan out for who you were set to face from the group.

That made them threats for a long time and on numerous occasions, the rule helped them keep their tag titles for a lengthy period of time. The rule was adopted by many pro-wrestling companies, including WWE. The rule has been used off and on in WWE, but never to the extent that The New Day will be using it. WWE feels that it can be really interesting to see what the guys do with the rule in place. So, they won the WWE Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules as a way to really push all three guys as a heel trio. The freebird rule used in all of this will certainly help that.

Since any two-man combination can occur, the The New Day can put any two men in the match that will work best on that day. So, each two- tag team would have to plan for three men instead of two. Story wise, this is very difficult to do. So, it makes the team who uses the rule a legit threat each time around.

The trio put on a great match with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd at WWE Extreme Rules. If they can keep up the good performances each week, The New Day faction will certainly be a big deal in WWE. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE plans to use The New Day going forward with this Freebird Rule in place. One has to wonder if Michael “PS” Hayes will make an appearance down the line to say something about it.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com]