Recent Twitter Troubles (Mainly) Repaired

Twitter’s team says it’s finally fixed the slew of problems plaguing the site over the past several days. Numerous users — myself included — had experienced problems resulting from an apparent database inconsistency issue.

The glitch was causing some updates to oddly disappear from one’s Twitter profile and other @ replies or direct messages not to show up at all. Twitter engineers say the bug’s been squashed and all should be back to normal (although some older missing updates may not return).

Funky stuff happening with follow and unfollow requests should also be mainly gone now. In case you were one of the few who didn’t experience it, all sorts of strange stuff was happening there: Certain follow buttons wouldn’t work at all, and occasionally accounts would return an incorrect “over following capacity” error when trying to add new friends. Some issues still remain, the Twitter team says, but the situation is greatly improved with more enhancements soon to come.

Also repaired: problems related to uploading avatar and background images, and some limited problems with e-mail delivery.

Still to be addressed: the need for speed. The site’s been crawling for most of this week, with fail whales even making appearances from time to time. Following users also frequently presents a significant delay between clicking and seeing action. The Twitter folks says those subjects are now their primary focus. The site is definitely moving faster for me so far today…let’s hope it stays that way.

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