Mitch Williams Vs. Lenny Dykstra: ‘I Lost The World Series, But I’ve Never Been To Prison’ [Video]

Ex-Phillies Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra spar at Philly Sports Roast

Former Philadelphia Phillies stars Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra were the guests of honor, or perhaps dishonor, at the recent Joe Conklin Philadelphia Sports Roast.

Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams was definitely throwing some heat at his frenemy Dykstra during the raucous ceremony that contained much audience participation, and the center fielder responded in kind. See the definitely NSFW for language videos embedded below during which the two ex-players called each other out, as it were, for their shortcomings.

Adult beverages may or may not have contributed to the atmosphere in the room.

Williams famously gave up a walk-off home run to Joe Carter of the Toronto Blue Jays in the sixth and deciding game of the 1993 World Series.

Williams recorded 192 saves in his 11-year MLB career with six teams. Dykstra, a three-time All Star, played for the Mets and the Phillies and finished his career with a.285 batting average and about 1,200 hits.

“Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra have a long history of hating each other. Dykstra has long held the belief that Williams blew the 1993 World Series, and seems to hold him accountable for that. Williams, obviously, is not a big fan of that opinion. The two were able to… um… work out some of those issues at a recent event in Philadelphia… Perhaps we’re being fooled, and this is all just a big prank by these two to get some attention. Considering their history, and the uncomfortable aspects of the video, that seems highly unlikely,” Yahoo! Sports noted.

Over the years, Williams has repeatedly taken responsibility for the devastating World Series loss, however.

Added the New York Post: “The two were supposed to be roasted by a panel of Philadelphia media members, but instead went after each other in a highly aggressive verbal battle that included accusations, insults and plenty of cursing.”

During the roast, in agreeing with a heckler who shouted at Williams “you suck,” the former Phillies closer responded that “I lost the World Series in 93, but I ain’t never been to prison.” Williams was apparently giving a shout-out to the fact that Dykstra has served time for bankruptcy fraud.

Dykstra, aka Nails, claimed that jail was like a “fantasy camp” compared with having Williams as a teammate.

Williams also declared that he’s never stolen any money from his five kids, in another apparent allusion to Dysktra’s legal problems. Dykstra insisted that family should be kept out of their feud.

Dykstra chided Williams for somehow getting fired from a dream job as an analyst with the MLB Network. Williams is suing the network for wrongful termination and insisted at the roast that he will be vindicated and that his critics will wind up eating crow.

During the exchange, the two big leaguers cast some doubt on whether they were team players. Williams claimed that Dykstra was upset about losing the World Series only because he missed out on the MVP award for the Fall Classic. Dysktra countered that Williams would become upset if the Phillies would get an insurance run in the ninth inning because that would prevent him from eligibility for a save.

In a further slam on Williams’ ability as a closer, Dykstra claimed that opposing players would race to the bat rack when Mitch came into a game.

On a more positive note, Williams acknowledged that Dykstra was the smartest baseball player he’s ever known, while Lenny admitted that Williams gave 100 percent in every game, and that their disagreement over old wounds had its source in business and was not personal.

At the end of the exchange, the two former MLB and Phillies stars called a truce and hugged it out, so maybe the whole cringeworthy confrontation achieved a cathartic effect.

[Mitch Williams photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images Sports]