Pink Floyd Icon Angrily Savages Fans For Not Buying Enough Albums

In a somewhat spiteful and undignified rant, former Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters, has lashed out at the “gallery of rouges and thieves” who run the music business, as well as the fans who the angry old man believes are failing abysmally in their duty to line the pockets of over-the-hill rockers whose use-by dates expired many a moon ago.

Rock stars can be a precious bunch, and there’s none more precious than Pink floyd icon Roger Waters.

The disgruntled baby boomer who has made millions from moaning both tunelessly and self-indulgently to a backdrop of directionless and exceptionally bland music about the trials and tribulations of being a rock star is fiercely disappointed that fans of Pink Floyd and other such bloated rock dinosaurs aren’t doing enough to keep the flatulent old corpse of boomer rock alive and twitching.

In an interview with The Times, the man regarded by many Pink Floyd fans as the poor man’s Syd Barrett complains that digital streaming and music downloads has killed off the music industry before adding that basically, the baby boomer generation is a lot better than any other.

“I feel enormously privileged to have been born in 1943 and not 1983. To have been around when there was a music business and the takeover by Silicon Valley hadn’t happened, and in consequence, you could still make a living writing and recording songs and playing them to people.”

It somehow escapes the man responsible for some of Pink Floyd’s more dire tracks that people are still “making a living writing and recording songs,” they’re just not earning the insanely excessive amounts of money that seasoned old rockers have become to value as their birthright under the name of “back catalogue royalties.”

Metaphorically frothing at the mouth like a mistreated dog who’s just stumbled across master’s secret stash of steroids, Roger rants about the shakers and movers in the music industry itself and blames them for taking too large a slice of the artist’s pie.

“When this gallery of rogues and thieves had not yet injected themselves between the people who aspire to be creative and their potential audience and steal every f*****g cent anybody ever made and put it in their pockets to buy f*****g huge mega-yachts and Gulfstream Fives with. These thieves. It’s just stealing. And that they’re allowed to get away with it is just incredible.”

Roger, who despite his grievances and almost infantile insistence on biting the hand that feeds him, has spent a lucrative career in the music industry, profiting immensely from the Machiavellian machinations of this particular “gallery of rouges and thieves.”

Classic Rock reports that the man who many regard as the least talented member of Pink Floyd was recently named No. 10 on a Sunday Times list of richest musicians with an estimated fortune of £160 million.

Yet for Roger, more than enough doesn’t appear to be quite enough, and perhaps the most unpopular Pink Floyd member of all time reserves his most bitter venom for the real b******s – the fans!

“I blame the punters as well to some extent, a whole generation that’s grown up who believe that music should be free. I mean why not make everything free? Then you could walk into a shop and say ‘I like that television’ and you walk out with it.”

“No. Somebody made that and you have to buy it! ‘Oh, I’ll just pick up few apples.’ No. Some farmer grew those and brought them here to be sold.”

Spoken like a true land-owning member of the blue-blooded aristocracy, Roger. Now, if only you were allowed to sort out these pesky peasants the good old fashioned way, hey old bean?

(Image by Philip Cheung, Getty Images)