Teens Pose With Confederate Flag In Prom Photo — Kids Played ‘Cowboy’ As Parents Snapped Shot

Confederate flag prom photo raises contraversy

Is it a case of accidental racism? Teenage naiveté? Whatever the reason behind a prom picture posted on social media by some Colorado teens – in which the boys brandish a Confederate Flag – it has ticked off a lot of people.

And some of them have already spoken out, claiming ignorance about the plans for the prom picture, or shying away from responsibility for being involved, KDVR reported.

“I was very uncomfortable with this whole situation and didn’t know what to say or what to do. I don’t condone any of the actions that were in the picture and I don’t condone anything that has to do with the flag,” one teen said

“When he got out there he was surprised that guns were brought out and the Confederate flag was brought out,” said a mother of another. “There were other parents there fully supporting it and taking pictures.”

Whatever the plan or intentions were, the photo is polarizing: The offending symbol features prominently and offers quite a juxtaposition next to the prom gowns and tuxes. It’s held up by the boys, while some of the girls hold an assault weapon and rifle with a tactical scope, and others use their fingers to simulate pistols, added ABC13

Naturally, they posted their prom snapshot on social media, where it unexpectedly caught fire and has placed people firmly on both sides of the argument – some think it’s fine because it’s historical. Others noted that it’s a symbol of slavery.

The question is: Did these kids even understand their actions?

“You need to know what (this) stands for. You need to know that people are going to be offended by it,” said University of Colorado student Mairenn Digeorge.

Technically, they haven’t done anything illegal – irrational maybe – and the Confederate design can alternately represent white supremacy and slavery as much as it does southern pride. But it seems public opinion is leaning toward the former.

“The image is pretty disturbing, especially if they have real assault rifles in their hands. Not to mention, the Confederate flag and its legacy of white supremacy, Klan violence and the Jim Crow South,” said Arturo Aldama, an ethnic studies professor.

Though one parent insisted that while the teens may have been clueless to the history, the parents snapping the photo knew better.

“They kind of think it is a cowboy thing, but to have parents feed into it and support it is really upsetting to me.”

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]