Furious Veteran Has Epic Response For Woman Who Bashed Military Personnel Via Facebook [Photo]

One woman decided she’s take a dig at those in the military. As you know, members of the armed forces are held to high regard for their service and unwavering loyalty to our country, but apparently, none of that matters to this girl. Apparently, she finds military service repulsive. So, of course, she did just as most people do in our technologically advanced world – she took to Facebook.

On March 3, the woman identified as only “Claire” decided to go on a rant about military personnel, reports Opposing Views. Judging from her choice of words, its safe to say she feels enlisting is a “last resort” in life. She simply does not understand why many would choose enlistment over enrolling in college to get an education.

“I CAN’T STAND PEOPLE IN THE MILITARY! SERIOUSLY! Get a ******* educaton (sic),” the woman writes. “Just because you had nothing better to do in your life doesnt [sic] mean we owe you anything. When you come into my stand I dont (sic) want to date you. I want someone who is actually (sic) has goals in life. GROW UP!”


Of course, it didn’t take long for her offensive rant to ruffle the feathers of other Facebook users. Although many users had quite colorful responses to her rant, nothing beats the epic bashing, response she received from one furious veteran, reports Official Game.

“Life goals? You just had a kid and don’t know who the father is,” the veteran wrote. “You dropped out of school sophomore year. Can’t even spell ‘education’ correctly. All this over guys asking you on dates at your COFFEE stand?!?! YOUR COFFEE STAND?!?! That’s part of your life goals? That’s like stripper 101.”

Claire’s embarrassment is yet another reminder of how we should be responsible when posting via social media. You never know who’s paying attention or how your words will impact others.

[Image via Dude Comedy]