‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 8 Finale: Is Someone’s Relationship Falling Apart?

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Finale

(Caution: Definite spoilers ahead for The Big Bang Theory season 8 finale)

The Big Bang Theory‘s season 8 finale will drop May 7 and the focus will be on the relationships of the shows couples. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s interview with executive producer Steve Molaro, “some big, life-changing decisions are made.”

The biggest question at this stage is, when are Penny and Leonard going to get married. They’ve been engaged for quite some time and they still haven’t set a date. But according to leaked information on The Big Bang Theory, as reported in Master Herald, it seems the problem for them is going to come in the guise of Sheldon, who’s trying to take the pressure off of his relationship with Amy by shining a light on the potential failings of Leonard and Penny’s relationship. Molaro explained further.

“Sheldon [pokes at Leonard and Penny] on why they haven’t set a date yet, and things really come to a head. Amy is really pushing back hard against Sheldon. [Five years into their relationship], as much as they’ve moved forward, you’ve got to wonder how far it’s gone. He’s feeling a lot of pressure about the speed at which things are moving forward for him and Amy, and just wants to know why he’s getting all this grief in life–when if Leonard and Penny are the ideal example of moving forward, they’ve been engaged for over a year and don’t even have a date yet. In asking the same question that a lot of people who know then are asking, it stars to cause them to ask it themselves.”

That also sets up a sense that things aren’t rosy with Sheldon and Amy, despite the amorous nature of this picture of the pair, posted on Twitter, from the finale.

Bernadette and Howard are faced with the difficult decision of whether they’re going to give Stuart an eviction notice. And poor Raj, after being desperate to find a girlfriend, may have to break-up with a girl who’s really into him because her tastes are simply too dark for him.

When asked how the finale compared to previous years, Molaro had this to say.

“It seems to really shake some things up, and I think it’s unexpected and really exciting.”

He also added that there might be more than one cliffhangar left at the end of the episode.

All the teases for each of the relationships could end with the characters going their separate ways. And that could definitely make for some interesting stories when The Big Bang Theory returns for its ninth season.

Say what you will about The Big Bang Theory, and the prevailing theory seems to be love it or hate it, but May 7 it will air its eighth season finale and it’s got both a ninth and tenth seasons on the way. It may not be edgy or even super fresh but what they are doing is delivering something solid so that the fans who love the show will come back and visit again and again.

So who’s going to break-up and who’s staying together? You’ll have to tune in for “The Commitment Determination” on May 7 to find out.

Take a sneak peak at a scene from tomorrow’s season finale.

[Image courtesy CBS via TV Overmind]