‘Ultimate Survival Alaska’ Star Jimmy Gojdics Dies In Suspected Homicide

Jimmy Gojdics Dies

Authorities have confirmed Ultimate Survival Alaska star Jimmy Gojdics died in an apparent homicide. The 69-year-old reality star was reportedly shot inside his Fairbanks, Alaska, home on Sunday afternoon.

As reported by People, Alaska State Troopers responded to Gojdics’ home after receiving reports of shots fired. When the troopers arrived on scene, the reality star was severely injured, but alive.

Although he was immediately transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, it was simply too late. Ultimate Survival Alaska star Jimmy Gojdics was pronounced dead on arrival.

Tim Despain, a representative with the Division of Alaska State Troopers, confirmed the shooting “is being investigated as a homicide.” However, Alaska’s Office of the State Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy to confirm the official cause of death.

As reported by Examiner, authorities have not revealed any further details about the shooting. Therefore, it is unclear whether detectives have identified a suspect or any persons of interest. The Alaska Bureau of Investigation will assist local authorities with the investigation into Gojdics’ death.

Jimmy Gojdics, who also spells his last name “Gaydos, was a native of upstate New York. Although he loved to travel, and often wintered in South America, he was proud to call Fairbanks his home.

Gojdics identified himself as a survivalist, who was an avid fisherman. He also enjoyed working as a river and wilderness guide.

Jimmy Gojdics appeared in the National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Survival Alaska during the second season. Unfortunately, he and his “Woodsmen” team were forced to forfeit when he sustained a serious injury.

National Geographic Channel spokesman Chad Sandhas said he and his colleagues were “saddened to learn of Mr. Gaydos’ untimely passing.”

Jimmy Gojdics’s friend of 12 years, Janine Carlson, said the reality star did not have any family in Fairbanks. However, “everyone was his friend and he met someone everywhere.”

Carlson said Gojdics was often seen driving around town on his “Russian Ural motorcycle with a sidecar.”

Ultimate Survival Alaska star Jimmy Gojdics’ death sent shockwaves throughout the community. Everyone who knew the survivalist said he was a kind and generous man. Authorities have not revealed many details about the shooting, but they confirmed the investigation is ongoing.

[Image via Shutterstock/Kat Carney]