Duggar Family Amps Up Home Security In A Creative Way

The Duggars are nothing if not thrifty and resourceful — and it seems as if family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar has found a creative way to amp up security around his 20-acre Arkansas home.

The Duggar family already has pretty close ties to local law enforcement agencies. Son John David, 25, volunteers as a peacekeeper for the Tonitown, Arkansas police department, and Jim Bob is reportedly close with many members on the force, as well.

But with a hugely popular show and a multitude of children to protect, Jim Bob takes security seriously. It’s already known that the Duggar family has an extensive gun collection. And the family was forced to put a fence around their property a few years ago when there was a huge upswing in the show’s popularity, causing an increase in unexpected visitors to the Duggar property.

But now, according to Radar Online, the Duggar family has now acquired a “decoy police car,” which sits near the front gate of the family property. The car, presumably purchased by Jim Bob at an auction, is the first thing visitors see when approaching the property.

“It certainly gets your attention, if that was the intention,” said an eyewitness in an interview with Radar Online. The eyewitness also added that the Duggar’s newest addition serves a very specific purpose.

“Anyone who watches the show knows the Duggar family has guns in the house. So the cop car is more like a not-so-subtle warning.”

The question that remains, then, is who exactly are the Duggars trying to protect themselves from? Adoring fans who hope to be treated to the famous Duggar hospitality if they happen to drop by unexpectedly? Or, is there a more sinister reason for the extra layer of security, as Radar Online suggests?

“The stars of 19 Kids & Counting have been outspoken in their criticism of gays, Catholics, and those who are pro-choice. And with so many potential enemies, the stars of 19 Kids And Counting are taking no chances when it comes to protecting their growing clan: Adding another layer of home security to their extensive gun collection, the family has now acquired a decoy police car.”

What do you think? Did Jim Bob beef up security simply to protect his family from fans of the show? Or were the Duggars more unpopular views regarding homosexuality and religion the reason for the increased security?

The Duggars recently found themselves the subject of criticism when it came to light that they staged a food drive — and then took the food back from the on recipient who showed up at the highly-publicized event. For more on that, click here.

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images Entertainment]