Man Charged With Murder: Parents Found Dead In Virgin Islands, 24-Year-Old Son Arrested In Massachusetts

Man murder parents Virgin Islands

A man has been charged with murder after his parents were found dead in the Virgin Islands. Mikhail Brian Young, 24, of Sudbury, Massachusetts, was arrested at his home on Monday, after authorities on the Virgin Islands put out a warrant for his arrest. Young’s parents, Ken Young, 73, and Jane Young, 66, were found stabbed to death inside a rented condo on the island of St. Thomas according to Fox News.

“[Police Commissioner Delroy Richards] said the family arrived together April 28 on St. Thomas, where they had rented a condo at the Crystal Cove Beach Resort in a scenic area called Sapphire Bay. But early Saturday, the son went to the resort office and told staff he needed a taxi to the airport, then departed alone on a flight to the U.S. mainland and returned to Sudbury.”

The man charged with the murder of his parents after a trip to the Virgin Islands was already on probation on a charge of indecent exposure (which is how police in the U.S. obtained a warrant). He was held on the warrant from the Virgin Islands, and has not been offered bail.

According to CNN, Young, who was adopted, had several issues stemming from when he was young. Over the years, Young’s parents had requested restraining orders against their son.

In 2011, he was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct after a domestic incident. In 2008, Young was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Believed to be taking medication for bi-polar disorder, those who knew him say that he had been doing better in recent months.

Police say that a motive in this case is still unclear.

Sadly, people killing their parents happens a few times a year (at least). Back in March, a man named Henry Chau was sentenced to life in prison after he killed, dismembered, and cooked his parents in Hong Kong. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chau actually confessed to the crimes in a text message to his friend.

“People may wonder why you did this. The fact there is no obvious answer is what makes you so dangerous. You fail in everything but the piano. You always blame your faults on others but not yourself […] your parents became the victims of your blame,” said Justice Michael Stuart-Moore.

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