Watch Moment When Blind Mom ‘Sees’ Her Unborn Son

Every mother to be is thrilled when first seeing their unborn child on an ultrasound scan, but this blind mom, living in Brazil, couldn’t see the scan. Enterprising doctors using the latest technology then made it possible for a blind mom to “see” her son.

Thirty-year-old Tatiana Guerra’s experience has been published in a video dubbed Meeting Murilo.

According to the Social Broadcast Network, it was an advertising agency in Brazil that decided to help the blind mom “see” her son in a most unusual way.

Like all mothers-to-be, as she is undergoing the ultrasound scan, Tatiana is excited and emotional. Having lost her sight at the age of 17, she couldn’t see what was appearing on the screen, but kept asking her doctor what her unborn son looked like.

She smiles and gets emotional as the doctor describes her son, saying that his nose is just like hers and that his two little eyes are closed. Then the doctor asks Tatiana how she imagines he would look if the blind woman could see her son.

Tatiana says, “Oh, I imagine him… well… his nose like a little potato, a small mouth, a chubby little hand.”

As the doctor and Tatiana talk about her unborn son and emotions grow, there is a 3D printer working hard in the background, building a replica of her little son’s face from the scan. Technicians added some words in braille to the final product saying just above his face, “I am your son.”

As reported on the Mirror Online, when Tatiana is handed the final 3D printed product, she is puzzled at first, but then the doctor says, “That’s an image of your son. See if he feels the way you think he does.”

Sheer joy fills Tatiana’s face as she gently feels the model of her son Murilo’s little face and reads the message in braille printed above it. She then cries, but with tears of utmost joy as she thanks the doctor for what he has done as the blind mom “sees” her son.

While this is obviously a commercial message, the video Meeting Murilo is one that would move any mother’s heart. It was released by Huggies in Brazil as part of the advertising campaign #CountingTheDays and concludes with a very important message that each mother will understand: “Every mom deserves to embrace each moment.”

3D printed ultrasound scan

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]