Ben Carson Should Not Be Compared To Herman Cain Just Because They Are Black Republicans Interested In Being President

Ben Carson is No Herman Cain

Ben Carson should not be compared to Herman Cain just because they both are African-American Republicans who campaigned to run for president. Because of Ben Carson’s recent announcement, people might think they are getting another Herman Cain, the last black Republican to campaign for president. Other than race, the two men don’t have much else in common. Slate says Ben Carson is no Herman Cain; he is much worse.

Michael Arcene, a writer for News One says, “I’ll take Herman Cain over Ben Carson any day.”

“Carson may be a brain surgeon, but unless you’re talking about neurosurgery, he has nothing to offer besides banality, sensationalism, and overall mindlessness. Naturally, this makes him a hot commodity amongst a noted sect of conservatives.”

Cain, a businessman and radio host, was a showman when he was a 2012 presidential hopeful. He had an affable personality. Cain was entertaining with his “9-9-9” tax plan. Cain did have a little political experience, but Carson has absolutely no political experience.

The retired neurosurgeon made his announcement in his hometown at the Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts on Monday, May 4. Carson admitted his lack of political aspirations.

“I gotta tell you something. I’m not politically correct. I’m not gonna be politically correct because I’m not a politician, and I don’t wanna be a politician.”

Dr. Carson is not necessarily the most compelling, but he comes off as far more substantive than Cain, which is why he will likely get some mileage in 2016. Carson provided the standard Tea Party fare because of his criticisms about President Barack Obama at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast when he spoke against the Affordable Care Act and offered his own alternative for health care reform.

Since then, he became a conservative celebrity. Supporters started a political action committee to draft Carson into the presidential race.

If Carson makes it to the Iowa primaries, he will probably get some support, but it might not be enough to go beyond the support of conservatives. It is unlikely that Dr. Ben Carson will win the nomination from the Republican Party.

Like Herman Cain, Ben Carson will go down in history for being an African-American Republican who campaigned for a presidential election. He will more than likely go on the record for running with no political experience.

Some people believe Dr. Ben Carson should go down in history for the great work he has done in the hospital instead of his failure as a presidential candidate. In fact, some go as far as to say running for president with no experience could taint the great legacy he already has.

Do you think Ben Carson should be running for president? Do you think he should be compared to Herman Cain? Do you want a president with no political experience?

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