Justin Bieber Receives Support From Lady Gaga As Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Snubs Him

Justin Bieber

Most singers would snub Justin Bieber, while Lady Gaga would rather support him. The singer shared a selfie of herself with the “Boyfriend” singer taken at Monday night’s Met Gala in New York City. Gaga had nothing but kind words to say about the troubled performer.

Gaga, 29, tried to get her Little Monsters to warm up to the Biebs.


“He really has a sweetness to him. He grew up in front of the whole world. I reminded him to not get bothered. Because at the end of the day. He’s the boss, and life isn’t always Roses. Lots of thorns.”

Bieber, 21, has been desperately trying to win his fans over after having a rough year. The singer also became the subject of a celebrity roast back in March. Bieber is trying his hardest to change his image, even by becoming friends with every celebrity known to mankind.

He took to Twitter to thank Gaga for her support on Wednesday morning, according to People magazine.

Justin beat the “Applause” singer to it by sharing the exact same photo on Instagram. He included the caption, “Me and the queen.” It looks Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber also broke the “no selfie rule” at the 2015 Met Gala.

Justin also got the chance to see Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, pick up ladies at a Met Ball after party. A new SnapChat video shared by Tyga shows the actor picking up a lady that’s inches away from Justin and Tyga, 25. The guys were obviously impressed with Leo’s game. The actor wasn’t bothered by the young guys. Leo was too busy trying to score a dance with a woman!

That’s not all that happened, though. Bieber reportedly flicked DiCaprio’s famous “man bun” at the after party. Tyga also shared this captivating moment on his SnapChat video. As Leo flirted with the unidentified woman, the Biebs flicked the actor’s bun as he mouthed the words “flicka da wrist.” DiCaprio just turned his head towards Bieber’s direction after feeling someone touching his hair. He probably had no clue what was going on. Some fans believe that DiCaprio snubbed Bieber at the party!

Justin Bieber also reportedly said that ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez “looked gorgeous” at the Met Gala after party. It happened during an impromptu meet and greet with fans, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Justin wasn’t even asked about Selena at the time. Fans are now wondering if the two will rekindle their romance for what seems the tenth time.

Maybe Justin Bieber should’ve taken some notes when he saw Leonardo DiCaprio pick up women at the after party. At least, he won over Gaga that night. What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga showing support for the Canadian heartthrob? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]