Blind And Deaf Rescue Dog Found Decapitated In North Carolina Family’s Backyard

A North Carolina family has been left completely mortified over the shocking death of their dog. According to the Daily Mail, the Kings Mountain Police Department is searching for the murderer of a blind and deaf rescue dog affectionately known as “Libby.” It has been reported that the lifeless dog was discovered in the backyard by a friend of the family. Then, to make matters worse, the dog’s death was quite a gruesome site, because the vile killer decapitated the poor animal.

The dog’s torso was reportedly discovered between two trees in the backyard. The decapitated dog’s head still has not been found. The couple also noticed they’d been robbed, presumably by their dog’s killer. A “shovel, ax, sledgehammer, propane tank” was also missing from their outdoor storage area.

Now, they’re seeking answers and justice for the horrific murder of their dog. During a recent interview with The Charlotte Observer, Shirley and Dennis Morrow shared details about their loving dog and their reaction to the dog’s death. “Libby” typically enjoyed spending time in the backyard, but on April 30, unfortunately, the dog never came back into the house.


When “Libby” didn’t return, the family speculated something was wrong. Although no details about the dog’s death have been confirmed, the family believes someone may have hopped over the fence to enter their yard because the dog was locked inside the gate.

“She was a rescued blind beagle, got around with no eyes,” Dennis Morrow said. “Loving dog. Smart little dog.”

Who would do that? Why would anybody do that to an animal?” Shirley said.

“Couldn’t believe it. You don’t think something like that would happen in a small town,” Dennis added. “They’re sick individuals out here in the world now. We need to pray for them.”

“We kinda had to not tell them exactly,” Shirley said. “That she passed away but not how.”

“She had no idea it was coming,” Dennis said. “She loved to have her head scratched and everything. When the person touched her, she probably just laid down and let them.”

Although there are no suspects as of yet, the Kings Mountain Police Department has stated that the investigation will be ongoing. The Tri County Animal Shelter has also announced a $5,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information about the incident that leads to an arrest.

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