‘GTA V’ Furious 7 Tribute Creates A Nostalgic Ride [Video]

It has been weeks since Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) released one of its coolest new features, the Rockstar Editor for GTA V, and fan-made videos have been making quite a buzz around YouTube. From parodies of The Sopranos to a hilarious re-creation of the Baywatch beach jog, the GTA V Rockstar Editor really brought about interesting videos. One particular GTA V player and YouTuber created a fan-made video that made an impact around the web, just in time for the last ride.

GTA Wise Guy created a fan-made tribute to the late Paul Walker from The Fast and the Furious franchise entitled “GTA 5 Fast and Furious Paul Walker Tribute.” Scenes from the Furious 7 and Six Star Street Racers flashbacks has been recreated with the GTA V Editor, and reports from all over the web attest to the great artistry GTA Wise Guy has brought out in the video.

Those who’ve watched The Fast And The Furious movies would surely recognize a great number of the scenes expertly recreated in GTA Wise Guy’s tribute video. Movie Pilot published side-by-side snapshots from the GTA V tribute video and from Furious 7 to showcase the well-made re-created scenes.

Furious 7 recreated [Image via Movie Pilot]
Furious 7 recreated [Image via Movie Pilot]

“…we’re all a part of the fast family and we’ve all lost a huge inspiration that I’m sure fuelled for the flame for a passion of cars around the world. This is for Paul, one last ride!”

The Official Game cites the last scene of the tribute video as one of the best moments that will bring a tear or two to the fans eyes. The last scene recreates the epic scene from the movie where the two characters drive their cars to two separate ways on the highway.

The GTA V tribute video is definitely worth the 2:43 seconds, and Furious 7 fans should check it out. As of writing, the video has already reached more than 2.3 million views in YouTube.

Watch GTA Wise Guy’s GTA V Fast and Furious Paul Walker Tribute above.