Should Axl Rose Get In The Ring And Answer Mick Wall’s Challenge?

Axl Rose has taken to Twitter and demanded a rematch of the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight, but should the Guns N’ Roses singer follow his own advice to not “duck the fans” and answer rock journalist Mick Wall’s challenge to get back in the ring?

The “ring” that Wall is referring to is not the boxing ring but the metaphorical “ring” of a warts’n’all interview with an aging hack who has a long history with Axl Rose.

Rose and Wall used to be best buddies, but now they’re not, mainly because Axl allegedly threatened to kill Wall in the early 1990s if he published a biography of Guns N’ Roses.

Unruffled by death threats made from someone who was wearing a lot of lycra at the time, the renowned biographer went on to write not only a book on Guns N’ Roses – The Most Dangerous Band in the World – but followed it up with an often damning, unauthorized biography of Axl Rose, entitled W.A.R.

As for Rose, the chief gunner hit back with an effective sucker punch in the Guns N’ Roses song “Get in the Ring,” where Wall was called out as one of a handful of journalists who was “ripping off the f*****g kids” and who could suck Axl’s “f*****g d**k.”

Axl finishes the touching song by snarling if Wall really wants to antagonise him, then “get in the ring m**********r and I’ll kick your b****y little a**.”

Over two decades later, Wall has finally responded to Axl’s unusual request in his new book, Getcha Rocks Off, where he challenges Axl to finally address the feud that has simmered not so much to boiling point but to complete evaporation between the rock star and rock hack all these long years.

“If you’re reading this, Axl — and I know you read almost everything written about you — what would really work too would be if we got together and did a Frost-Nixon and spent a few days filming a proper ‘Get In The Ring’-style interview. Not in any real combative sense, though there would be that about it too, if you insisted. But something for the people to really enjoy and think about it. Something like an actual conversation between old friends/foes now old enough to supposedly know better. Come on, we’ve both lost our hair, we just have different ways of dealing with it.”

Obviously, with Axl Rose being something of a famous recluse on par with J.D. Salinger and Howard Hughes, an in-depth, no holds barred interview with the publicity shunning Guns N’ Roses frontman would be doubtless a huge pay day for Wall, but would it work in Axl’s favour as well?

For a singer who was huge in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the name Axl rose still generates a massive amount of interest all these years later.

Even the most casual Guns N’ Roses fan would love to see Rose and Wall go head to head in a no holds barred bout, and with Rose recently announcing on Twitter that he thinks Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao should fight again, for free, and because they shouldn’t “duck the fans,” should Rose take a leaf out of his own book and go toe to toe with his old adversary?

It’d be an interesting and entertaining contest, that’s for sure.

(Image Via Ethan Miller/Getty Images)