Viral Video Shows Women The Easy Way To Get A Bigger Butt

There is a new trend that’s hitting Hollywood, and it’s becoming a craze among women worldwide as well. It’s not rocket science to figure out what Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna have in common. If you’re thinking about big, curvy butts then you’ve hit the target spot on.

Many celebrities have been flaunting their big and shapely bottoms both on the red carpet and on social media. An example of such a display is Kardashian’s recent stint during the Met event. Amid the bustling crowd of Hollywood bigwigs, Kardashian made a stand out appearance with her revealing gown which successfully highlighted her best asset: her huge and curvaceous booty.

With millions in their Hollywood-funded pockets, celebrities can easily pay for a bigger, shapelier booty. This fact makes it discouraging for regular women who cannot afford the same luxury. However, as we advance into the future, several butt enhancement products are quickly gaining popularity in the market.

In a BuzzFeed video entitled Women Try Big Butts, a group of random women try on a couple of butt enhancement products. Throughout the video, they gave their personal opinion about the products that they have tried and about big butts in general.

The video opens with common dilemmas that women with smaller butts face. One woman shared that people were surprised to know that she was Cuban but didn’t have a big, curvy butt. Another related that others told her she was skinny, boney and “had no booty.”

The first butt enhancement product that the women tested was padded underwear. One of the group described its appearance as similar to her “grandmother’s bloomers.” Another thought it was like a “second bra.”

women try butts 2

Most of them were pleased with the results as they put on the product. “I don’t look like Kim Kardashian. I look like a normal human which looks awesome,” one woman said. Only one of the group felt that the padded underwear looked fake.

The second product that they tried was a butt lifter. Unlike the padded underwear, it gained a negative response from the women. One of them felt that she looked “like a transformer” with the butt lifter on. Another thought that it was more of a “permanent wedgie.” All in all, the butt lifter was a big no-no for the group.

Padded underwear and butt lifters sell within the $15-$25 range which is quite affordable. However, if you want a no-cost way to get bigger, shapelier butts, you better be ready to do a lot of squats.

[Image via YouTube]