Extreme Bodybuilder Almost Lost Both Arms Due To Toxic Oil And Alcohol Injections

An extreme bodybuilder from Brazil reportedly injected his muscles with a toxic cocktail of alcohol and oil in order to emulate his favorite character, The Incredible Hulk.

25-year-old Romario Dos Santos Alves almost needed to have both his arms amputated as a result of his attempts to have the ultimate physique, which earned him the nicknames of the “beast” and “monster.”

When Alves moved from his home town to Goiania city, he was impressed with all the buff guys he saw there. As he told reporters, “I saw some really big guys in the gym with huge arms and I started to make friends with them,” he told reporters. “They introduced me to synthol and I got excited about the results – I lost control.”

Alves added, “If you take it once, there will definitely be a second time – it’s addictive.”

When normal needles failed to penetrate Alves’ pumped arms, he turned to larger, more dangerous needles, the type used on bulls, to administer injections.

As Alves said, “My muscles started to solidify and I couldn’t even inject my arms – they were full of rocks. I decided the only thing I could do was buy specialist needles to inject. The kind of needles used on bulls – there are no stronger needles around – I know it seems stupid but I had to get my synthol fix.”

When Alves was hospitalized due to the injections, his wife told him he had a choice to make. As Alves told reporters, “She told me that if I start using synthol again or anything like it she will leave me because of what she went through. I decided to fix my ways and I never again wanted to take any drugs, we went through a really hard time and almost starved.”

Fortunately for Alves, doctors were able to save his arms by removing the synthol rocks that had formed under the skin, “The doctor told me that they did not have to amputate – they could instead remove the synthol rocks which had formed in my arms,” Alves said.

[Image credit: wqad.com]