Who Is America’s Highest Paid Woman Of 2014? Earned $82.6M

Bloomberg has finally released its 2014 statistics revealing the list of America’s highest paid female executives. Based on their compiled data, the world’s highest paid female executive works for the world’s most valuable company.

Apple is no doubt one of the biggest companies in the field of technology and has earned its distinction as the world’s most valuable company. With all the revenue that Apple generates worldwide, it is only fitting that the company generously compensates the employees under its wing, and America’s highest paid female executive Angela Ahrendts is a part of their payroll.

Bloomberg points out that Apple’s vice president of retail and online stores Ahrendts was awarded a staggering $82.6 million in 2014. Ahrendts was a newcomer to the company, as she joined the Apple team only in May 2014, becoming the first woman to be a part of the company’s management ranks.

Her pay also included a sign-on bonus and a make-whole grant for compensation that she left behind at her previous employer. Reports say that the whole pay package is valued at $105.5 million, but Apple wouldn’t comment on that figure. When asked to give a statement regarding Ahrendts’ pay, the company’s spokesman, Josh Rosenstock, refused to talk.

Trailing behind Ahrendts is Oracle Corporation’s chief financial officer Safra Catz. Her 2014 compensation is more than $10 million short of Ahrendts’ as it amounts to a total of $71.2 million. At the end of the company’s fiscal 2014 year, Oracle promoted Catz to the position of co-CEO. As part of her promotion, she was awarded 500,000 options and 125,000 performance stock units.

Coming in third on the list is Lockheed Martin CEO Marilyn Hewson, with a 2014 pay of $36.7 million. When she took over the company in January 2014, the quarterly revenue went down by 16 percent. However, she was able to turn it around, producing a rise in the company’s revenue by more than 54 percent.

Other female executives included on Bloomberg’s list are Mylan NV CEO Heather Bresch and United Therapeutics Corporation’s co-CEO and chairman Martine Rothblatt.

Before working for Apple, Ahrendts worked for London-based luxury fashion company Burberry Group Plc. She was the chief executive officer of the luxury brand and is therefore no stranger to leading an international entity.

[Image via Ian Gavan, Getty Images.]