Of Course ‘GTA V’ Would Have UFO Theories

GTA V Ron UFO Theories

There seems to be nothing that Grand Theft Auto V is lacking. A smart AI system, fully implemented tennis and golf mini-games that rival full $60 releases from other companies, hunting… and UFO theories.

Yes, you read that correctly. GTA V fans have begun concocting theories about the in-game UFOs that start to appear when you’ve reached 100% completion of GTA V. As the internet dons their tinfoil hats for a moment, just let that sink in for a second. The theories aren’t just some halfway-constructed attempt at making internet fame, either. They, much like GTA V itself, are complicated and robust enough to be plausible.

Chilliad Mural GTA V The Chilliad Mystery

The GTA V theorists call this the Chilliad Mystery and it all centers on the mural found near the cable car station at the summit of Mt Chilliad in the north of Los Santos. The mural seems to pinpoint the locations of the UFOs if laid onto the map of GTA V‘s game world, but the three icons at the bottom still seem to be a mystery. Some believe there to be an in-game jetpack, waiting to be discovered. Others are less optimistic than others regarding the legitimacy of whether there is even a mystery here to begin with.

Take a step back and think about this for a moment. People are arguing not just the fact that there is an Illuminati-esque conspiracy theory in Grand Theft Auto V, a video game, but actively seeking out the answers within GTA V. What other fanbase, or game for that matter, can make such a claim? It is not only a testament to GTA V’s staying power, but the developer’s ability to keep a game relevant over a year and a half old since initial release.

Fort Zacundo GTA V UFO

If there is a true UFO mystery in GTA V, Rockstar isn’t saying. Why should they? The fuel keeps being added to the fire and people keep speculating on the validity of the theories because Rockstar won’t confirm – or deny – any of the allegations.

PC Gamer has a great primer for those who are interested in checking out and helping contribute to the theories. This is an interesting way to unite a fanbase and have them all work in tandem to achieve a common goal. GTA V, with the freedom that it affords over any other game, seems uniquely suited for this task.

Have any GTA V UFO theories of your own? Sound off in the comments below as to your own GTA V Chilliad Mystery adventures.

[Images via PC Gamer, Rockstar Games]