Kym Johnson Just Couldn’t Help Kissing Robert Herjavec On DWTS, Says It Was ‘Unplanned’

Australian dancer Kym Johnson and Shark Tank tycoon Robert Herjavec have long been the subject of a rumored relationship. Since the two became dancing partners on Dancing with the Stars, the two have been exuding an undeniable chemistry that the media and audience cannot help but notice. They have been consistent in denying the rumors, but in a recent performance, Johnson and Herjavec might have a hard time refuting the suspicions.

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On Monday, Johnson and Herjavec performed a contemporary number to Jessie Ware’s “Champagne Kisses.” Their performance was, as usual, emotional and oozing with passion, but the dancing duo took it to another level by sealing the dance with a steamy kiss. America was utterly shocked.

When asked what the kiss was all about, Johnson was quick to insist that it was all for show. Backstage, she said, “It was just part of the dance! We’re professional dancers, we were just in the moment.”

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She also explained that it was totally unplanned. Johnson related.

“We just thought, ‘Let’s see how we feel on the night’ and that’s what we did. We just – it took me by surprise because I didn’t know if he was going to do it or not.”

Meanwhile, her dancing partner Herjavec is putting the blame on America for the on-stage smooch. He spoke to reporters after the performance.

“I loved tonight’s dance. I think Kym did an amazing job. I really felt it. It was a beautiful moment … America wanted us to kiss.

It was art of the song. It was ‘Champagne Kisses’ and it built up to that. We didn’t rehearse it, we just felt it.”

When asked what their relationship status really is, the two gave out the same statements that they have been saying to reporters for the past months. Their script sounded all too familiar.

Johnson said, “We get along really well. We’re having the best time, we really are. It’s so great.”

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Herjavec supported her statement saying, “She’s a great friend. I just love spending time with her.”

Whether that kiss meant something or not, the competition’s judges certainly bought it. They awarded the two with a score of 33 points and complimented them for their superb performance.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out that there was a special sense of magic in their Champagne Kisses number and that it “upped” Johnson and Herjavec’s game.

[Image via ABC, kymjohnson1 Instagram]