Is Kevin Bacon Fat? Actor’s Face Looks Fuller And Unrecognizable In Selfie

Kevin Bacon Looks Unrecognizeable In Selfie

Kevin Bacon’s latest selfie is just begging for jokes about the unfortunate side effect of consuming too much of the internet’s favorite salty meat treat.

Kevin Bacon recently shocked his fans by tweeting a photo of his normally angular face. As you can see, the Footloose star is almost unrecognizable in the picture below — his face is extremely bloated, and he has an extra chin or two.

According to ET, the Following actor probably hasn’t packed on the pounds for an upcoming movie or TV role. Kevin Bacon looked as thin as a slice of bacon at the April 15 premiere of Adult Beginners, so it’s likely that he’s wearing a fat suit in the photo above. Because Kevin is in the U.K., there’s speculation that the actor might be filming a humorous ad for the British digital communications company EE.

Collider posted videos of a few of the company’s ads, and they usually involve Kevin Bacon undergoing some sort of transformation. In the TV spot below, he plays a variety of different Bacons by channeling his characters from Footloose, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, and Friday the 13th. Hollow Man Bacon and Flatliners Bacon are also members of the Kevin Club, so instead of boring viewers with a reference to that old six degrees of Kevin Bacon game, the EE ads mix things up by serving up six different Kevin Bacons. Be forewarned: the video below might make you wish that the actor would get Orphan Black‘ed.

Kevin Bacon seems to enjoy starring in creative commercials. According to the Huffington Post, he transformed into a creepy Kevin Bacon fan for the Logitech ad below. The Black Mass star is pretty unrecognizable in the 2010 TV spot, but he still looks more like himself than he does in the selfie above.

The guy in that ad would totally fangirl over the EE TV spots.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kevin Bacon also lent his name and likeness to the American Egg Board’s new ad campaign. It’s titled “Wake Up to Eggs With Bacon,” and it’s definitely a match made in breakfast heaven. Eggs often get a bad rap, but the American Egg Board wants you to know that you can eat the protein-packed treats without having to worry that you’ll end up looking like selfie Kevin Bacon. Just don’t serve them with a side of Bacon if you’re married.

Kevin Bacon has proved that he’s Hollywood’s King of Commercials, so if his fat face is for a new EE TV spot, surely it will be just as entertaining as the ads above.

[Image credits: Kevin Bacon/Instagram, Stephen Lovekin/Getty]