WWE Rumors: New Hints Dropped At Wyatt Family Reunion — Who Would Bray Wyatt Bring In As New Members?

WWE Rumors New Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is now in the middle of a feud with Ryback, but he’s kind of in limbo at the current time without much of a direction. They will likely have a match at WWE Payback, but where does Wyatt go from there? Well, there have been rumors of a new Wyatt Family coming about with some new members and now it appears as if some old ones could join as well.

Around October of 2014, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were “set free” and went out on their own. Since then, they’ve done their own thing while Bray Wyatt has done the same. He has looked impressive at times and even faced off with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31.

Since then, there have been rumors that Bo Dallas, Wyatt’s real-life brother, would be joining a new Wyatt Family. On again and off again, the rumors are starting to make waves once again.

Daily Wrestling News reports that there is reported discussion within WWE that Bo Dallas will be paired up with Wyatt. Recently, Wyatt saved Dallas from Ryback and therefore started their feud.

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Before being saved by Wyatt, Dallas was actually showing signs of a total heel turn. Him turning heel would make a transition easier and full-on if he ends up siding with Wyatt. The fact that Dallas has also grown a beard in recent months, well, that’s another big-time Wyatt trait.

Now, one other member does not a new Wyatt Family make.

WrestleZone detailed the SPOILERS for the SmackDown taping on Tuesday night, and it’s for the show set to air on Thursday night. If you don’t want to know anything that happens early, stop reading now.

At the taping, Luke Harper took on Fandango and defeated him. After the match, Erick Rowan ran out and just started attacking Fandango while Harper merely watched on, somewhat in shock.

This could go one of two ways, and the first is that WWE is leading to a Harper vs. Rowan feud. Harper could get mad as Rowan keeps interfering in his matches, but that doesn’t appear to be the direction they’re going here.

Rowan attacking Fandango is a bit of a heel move because the dancer has become more of a fan-favorite lately and Harper is still a solid heel. This may end up leading to a reconciliation of the Harper and Rowan team as the tag-team division continues to grow and thrive.

If Harper and Rowan team up again and Bo Dallas sides with Bray Wyatt, there very well could be a new Wyatt Family in the works. Should that and the rumors of The Shield reuniting happen, WWE could end up with some much-needed factions again.

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