‘Far Cry 4’ Complete Edition Confirmed For PS4, PC This June

Following early reports based on leaked retailer listings, Ubisoft UK has made an official announcement, unveiling the Far Cry 4 Complete Edition for PlayStation 4 and PC. According to the official press release, the “Complete Edition” comes with the original Far Cry 4, plus all five of the DLC packs included in the Season Pass. The game hits retailers in the UK on June 19, 2015.

The press announcement promises gamers that the Complete Edition will unlock access “to all the missions, weapons and environments of Far Cry 4.” Presently, Far Cry 4‘s Season Pass, priced at a suggested $29.99, currently contains five content packs: Overrun, Hurk Deluxe Pack, Escape From Durgesh Prison, The Syringe, and The Valley of the Yetis.

Notably missing from Ubisoft’s announcement is any word on an Xbox One version of the Complete Edition. It would not be the first time players on PlayStation 4 got preference when relating to Far Cry 4. The PlayStation exclusive “Keys to Kryat” feature gives 10 codes for players on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 to gift to their friends who do not own Far Cry 4. Activating the code allows the player’s friend to join in the online co-op fun for up to two hours, no purchase necessary.

Also missing from the reveal is any word on a release outside of the UK. In response to an inquiry by Shacknews, Ubisoft has stated there are “…no plans to release it in the US at this time.” The note also states the Far Cry 4 Complete Edition is only scheduled for a retail release in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Middle East at the moment.

Gamers in the United States and abroad wanting to score a physical version of the game that comes bundled with the Season Pass might be out of luck for the time being. Even the limited Kyrat Edition comes with a ton of collectible goodies but does not include a Season Pass. There is, however, a digital workaround. The downloadable Gold Edition gives players a digital copy of Far Cry 4 plus the Season Pass. From the description provided by Ubisoft, it sounds like it may essentially be the same thing as the Complete Edition, just without a physical disc. Whether that turns out to be true remains to be seen.

For Xbox One and Xbox 360 players looking to get in on the action, the Far Cry 4 Season Pass is selling at a discounted rate of 33 percent off the regular price as part of the Deals with Gold promotion for Xbox Live Gold members that runs until May 11, 2015. For Xbox One specifically, the Far Cry 4 Gold Edition is also 40 percent off and the standalone game is 45 percent off. Purchasing the standalone game and season pass separately turns out to be slightly cheaper (less than a dollar) than the Gold Edition in USD. Per Microsoft, prices and promotions may vary by region.

[Image courtesy Ubisoft]