Chris Soules Eliminated On ‘DWTS’: Another Reality TV Show For ‘The Bachelor,’ Or Back To The Farm?

Bachelor Chris Soules was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night’s live results show. Now that he’s no longer part of the DWTS cast, will he head back to his Iowa farm, or continue on to another reality show?

On Monday night, Chris received a score of 34 for his America’s Choice dance, and a 30 for his Trio performance with his pro partner, Witney Carson, and Lindsay Arnold. While it wasn’t his worst performance of the season, it didn’t come as a shock to viewers that he was sent home. According to BuddyTV‘s Dancing with the Stars poll, 63 percent of the 1,200 people polled predicted that Chris would be eliminated on Tuesday night.

What’s next for Chris Soules? Many Bachelor fans are hoping to see him start planning his wedding, but it’s not clear if he’s ready to take that step. Amidst rumors that he and Whitney are headed for a split, there’s also speculation that Chris isn’t quite ready to give up his time in the spotlight.

Shortly after the final rose ceremony, he told Fox that doing Dancing With the Stars right after the Bachelor was “the right choice,” and wedding planning was “not a priority.” More recently, he told People that he’s wants to get back to a normal life, and then he’ll talk about wedding plans.

Although he talks about returning to “normal life” on the farm, there are rumors Chris’ idea of “normal” means extending his time in the spotlight. According to Life and Style, Chris wants to star in a reality show about life on the farm with Whitney.

“He’s reportedly pitching a reality show about life on the farm with Whitney… now that he’s had a taste of stardom, he’s set on staying in Hollywood. A reality show about his life in Iowa with Whitney will let Chris sustain the fame he loves so much.”

Life and Style‘s insider states that Chris “loves the attention he’s gotten from being on TV,” and plans to keep the gig going for as long as his fans will watch him.

It sounds like Chris Soules isn’t quite ready to return to the simple life in the tiny town of Arlington, Iowa. Another reality show, even if it also stars Whitney, could put a strain on their brand-new relationship. After all, they haven’t had much time to spend together with the daily demands of Dancing With the Stars.

Weeks before the Bachelor finale aired, blogger Reality Steve stated that he didn’t think Chris and Whitney would ever get married. If he decides to continue on to another reality show, will it force the couple apart?

[Image: ABC]