‘Revenge’ Spoilers: The Series Will End In ‘Two Graves’

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the series finale of Revenge]

There seems to be more questions than answers with Revenge fans, and with only one episode to go it seems unlikely that Revenge can end with everything made clear, unless the show goes out in an even bigger explosion than the one that was supposed to have killed off Madeleine Stowe’s character, Victoria Grayson.

Yes, Revenge fans already discovered that Victoria is still alive, which leads to one of the biggest questions yet to be answered: how?

It was revealed in Revenge‘s May 3 episode that Victoria staged the explosion as a ruse to fake her own death and to frame her nemesis, Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp). How’s that for the ultimate revenge?

Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar revealed that viewers only saw a part of a much bigger picture, when Victoria set off the explosion in the mansion in which she had presumably been killed.

“In truth, what you saw in that episode was her holding the lighter, and then what you did not see was a small time cut, as the chair pulled back, and there was a different body in that chair. So what Emily re-created, I would say, is about 90% correct. And then there’s one more final, huge, wonderful detail that we’ll reveal in the series finale that Emily couldn’t have known that she will also come to learn in the next episode, which will completely reveal what Victoria’s whole plan was, ultimately.”

The Revenge showrunner also revealed that the series will culminate in an epic confrontation between Victoria and Emily/Amanda, and that it will be just what fans have been waiting for throughout Revenge‘s four year run.

“The performance they both give is just tremendous. It will be epic and satisfying and a combination of these four years of inevitable forces rushing toward each other,” Nayar said, speaking of filming the Revenge scene with Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp.

The final Revenge episode is entitled “Two Graves,” and Nayar says that fans should read a double meaning into that, adding that there were a number of clues in the Revenge teaser released by ABC.

” ‘Two Graves’ is both a callback to the quote that kicked off the whole show (‘before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves’), but also, there will be two people in graves by the end of the episode.”

The Revenge showrunner also told Variety that the exposition and flashbacks in recent episodes was a deliberate ploy to give fans a look into the characters’ motives, and it seemed like the best way to answer some of the most pertinent questions in time for Revenge‘s final episode. Nayar says everything wrapped up nicely.

The news that Revenge would not be returning for another season came shortly after Madeleine Stowe announced her plans to leave the show, following the current season.

[Featured image: Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp courtesy of ABC/Revenge]