A Nebraska Woman Is Suing Homosexuals Everywhere, Citing God As The Plaintiff

A woman named Sylvia Driskell from Auburn, Nebraska is suing homosexuals everywhere and asking the courts to determine whether or not homosexuality should legally be considered a sin.

According to Omaha.com, the 66-year-old woman is suing homosexuals as her duty as an “ambassador for God and his son Jesus Christ.” Driskell is using verses from the Bible to support her charges against all homosexuals, and has written a detailed lawsuit outlining her contentions. She is suing homosexuals under the claim that “homosexuality is a sin and that they the homosexuals know it is a sin to live a life of homosexuality. Why else would they have been hiding in the closet?”

According to the Journal Star, by suing homosexuals, Driskell is also challenging the U.S. District Court of Omaha to determine “Is homosexuality a sin, or not a sin?” By suing homosexuals in general, she claims that any judges who rule that homosexuality is not a sin are calling God a liar.

“Will all the judges of this nation judge God to be a lier [sic]?”

Driskell wrote a seven-page petition, which she filed to the Omaha court, claiming that God has declared homosexuality as an abomination, meaning that alone should be grounds for legal ramifications. As part of her plan in suing homosexuals, the woman will represent herself in court instead of hiring a lawyer.

“I never thought that I would see a day in which our great nation or our own great state of Nebraska would become so compliant to the complicity of some people[‘s] lewd behavior,” she wrote.

According to Patheos, the woman has titled the case Driskell vs Homosexuals, despite having no clear plan about what the charges would be by suing homosexuals all over the planet, or any explanation as to how all homosexuals would be reasonably held accountable by a court decision in her favor.

Patheos also obtained a photocopy of the entire lawsuit, which you can see in part in the pictures below. Here is the final excerpt of the petition.

“For God has said; that all unrighteousness is sin, and that homosexuality is abomination Ambassador: I Sylvia Ann Driskell: I have written this Petition to the United State District Court of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, and to you, Your Honor. Because I feel its is imperative to do so.”

How far do you think Sylvia Driskell will get by suing homosexuals?

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Driskell's lawsuit suing homosexuals