Sonja Morgan’s Business Under Fire: Bethenny Frankel Takes Aim At ‘RHONY’ Clothing Line

Sonja Morgan WWHL

Sonja Morgan’s clothing line was the topic of a major diss by Bethenny Frankel on tonight’s new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. As she prepared for her collection’s launch during filming on Season 7, Morgan’s excitement was dampened by a few mean-spirited comments from her co-star.

“I know enough to know that in a couple of months you’re not just going to pull a clothing line out of your a**, like a rabbit out of a hat,” Frankel said to Sonja Morgan in a May 5 sneak peek by Radar Online.

Frankel went on to ask several questions about Sonja Morgan’s line, including details of the upcoming launch date. However, Sonja Morgan’s co-workers refused to answer any of Frankel’s inquiries, which didn’t sit well with the Skinnygirl mogul.

“Are we in the mafia?” Frankel asked.

“[Sonja Morgan] got involved with people and a toaster that never went anywhere, [Sonja Morgan] never toasted anything.”

Looking back on the scene, Sonja Morgan told Bravo cameras she didn’t take offense to Frankel’s comments, despite her harsh words, and believed she was only looking out for her best interest.

“I’m cool with Bethenny asking these questions, she has a reason, she wants to make sure I’m going down the right path.”

As fans are aware, Frankel has a highly successful liquor brand, as well as several products stemming off of it, including non-alcoholic beverages and snack bars. So, if Sonja Morgan receives advice from any of her co-stars, it might as well be Frankel.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, this isn’t the first time Frankel has taken aim at Sonja Morgan’s business ventures. In fact, during an earlier episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Frankel claimed Sonja Morgan was “delusional” when it came to business, and had 10,000 going on, but noted that nothing was coming into fruition.

“That’s really delusions of grandeur,” Frankel said of Sonja Morgan’s business endeavors, according to a Radar Online report.

“[The other women] wanted to say so much more … I felt like they were saying ‘It’s cute for you that you think she’s sane, but soon enough you’re going to find out that we think she’s nuts.’ It sounds like what [Sonja Morgan] needs is to get organized. Sonja needs a come to Jesus, maybe I’ll give her a come to Jesus.”

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