‘The Voice’ Results: Oh No! Front-Runner Gone Too Soon?

Only one artist left the The Voice this week, something of a bittersweet outcome. At least Voice fans only see one favorite leave rather than two this week. Unfortunately, with so few spaces left, it’s inevitable that an otherwise well-liked artist leaves the show.

Since only one person would be leaving, The Voice prolonged the suspense and turned up the tension by calling one name at a time. As you know, Voice hopefuls are typically saved two at a time. In addition, each contestant was given a chance to answer a question about something they’ve learned while on the show.

The first name called was the consistently popular teen Sawyer Fredericks. A previous Inquisitr article caused a bit of controversy when it was suggested that he might be in danger this week.

However, Sawyer fans proved themselves by making sure the Voice contestant was safe for another week. His safety and that of Meghan Linsey was easily predicted through iTunes, thanks to the success of their singles. With Koryn Hawthorne safe, that meant that Pharrell Williams had both remaining members through to the Top 5.

The next Voice hopeful declared safe was Joshua Davis, which meant that India Carney and Kimberly Nichole would have to sing for their lives and hope to earn that instant save. Poor Christina Aguilera! This turn of events put her two remaining team members head to head, with only one capable of continuing to next week’s episode of The Voice.

India Carney has already been in this position, and as predicted it seemed very likely that she would be back here again. This time around she sang “Perfect.” India Carney did well in the eyes of the judges. “You’ve made such leaps and bounds. [That’s] all we want for you guys,” commented Voice coach Adam Levine. Christina Aguilera also mentioned that she’d “grown so much as an artist.”

Kimberly Nichole opted “Seven Nation Army”. It was a compelling, aggressive performance. Pharell, who gave her a standing ovation, said she was an “incredible artist” with a “beautiful voice.” Aguilera noted that she didn’t seem prepared to “go without a fight.”

When it came time for the instant save, it was VERY close. The women were in a dead 50 percent heat for much of the commercial break. Perhaps Christina’s unwillingness to throw one of the women under the bus led them to split the votes.

In the end, India Carney got the instant save, and we had to say goodbye to former front-runner Kimberly Nichole.

It’s hard to say what went wrong, aside from the fact that the contest is just very competitive at this stage. As painful as this cut is, it can only get more heart-wrenching from here.

Did The Voice see the right contestant go home? Who would you have eliminated instead?

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]