Jill Dillard Birth Special Sneek Peak: Video Surfaces Of Jill Dillard’s Early Labor, Moment She Left For Hospital

19 Kids and Counting fans have been anxiously awaiting the Jill Dillard birth special which airs tonight. However, TLC has released an early sneak peek which shows portions of Jill’s early labor, along with the moment she realizes she must abandon her home birth plans and head to the hospital.

Jill Dillard recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, Israel, after 70 hours of labor and an emergency c-section. The new mother admits that her birth did not go as planned; however, she says that it was all for the best. Once at the hospital, the Duggar family has noted that baby Israel was in a transverse breech position (sideways and upside down) which resulted in an emergency c-section to be performed.

In the Duggar family birth special, Jill can be seen excitedly announcing that her water broke at 3:43 am. She initially does not call anyone for help as she wants to wait until she is in more active labor to call her birth team, which includes her mother, sister Jana and midwives. In the home, you can see a tarp on the floor and a birth pool erected in the couple’s bedroom. However, after 20 hours in labor, Jill decides to call for some support.

Michelle and Jana Duggar, along with Jill’s midwife team, arrive to provide support and encouragement as Jill continues to labor. However, after 48 hours in labor and no baby, Jill and her midwives decide that it is best to proceed to the hospital for support.

“Okay we’ve really been in labor on and off. We haven’t been able to get things going. So at this point we felt like it would be a good time, while I’m not in an emergency situation, to get the hospital.”

Jill would continue on to labor for 70 hours before she agrees to an emergency c-section. Baby Israel David Dillard was finally born on April 6 and broke the hospital’s record for the longest baby born in 2015.

Will you be watching the Jill Dillard birth special tonight on TLC?