May 5, 2015
'Undateable' Star Chris D'Elia To Live Tweet During Live Show

Undateable fans and critics might be in for at least a few surprises during the series' live broadcast on Tuesday night.

The fact that the Bill Lawrence-produced series is even having a live episode in the first place is shocking and will make history for the popular NBC sitcom.

However, Chris D'Elia has decided to take things one step farther by potentially making a mark in the history books with his own name during the broadcast.

According to a tweet posted on his official Twitter page on Tuesday, he is going to be pulling double duty tonight -- both on the television screen and the information superhighway at the same time.

That's right! Chris D'Elia claims that he is going to live tweet during the entire live show while he is acting. Actors and actresses with official Twitter pages live tweet during the airing of special episodes all of the time. There is nothing new or necessarily exciting about that part of it.

However, the fact that Chris D'Elia might be live tweeting during a live episode while he is on camera is even more impressive and potentially jaw-dropping.

Keep in mind that D'Elia is a comedian and this could all be a huge set-up for one of his hilarious punchlines. On the other hand, it could also be a perfect set-up that raises the bar of expectations for any other sitcom that decides to have a live show.

Danny Burton (played by Chris D'Elia) is an overall slacker that is known for thinking outside of the box and going over the top with his random antics and behavior frequently. It would not be surprising to see him attached to his cell phone throughout the broadcast.

Through the wonderful art of improvisation, he might even admit on camera that he is live tweeting and find a clever way to work it into the script smoothly.

On the other hand, he might decide to break the fourth wall and admit his antics directly to the camera or studio audience. Chances are that, no matter how he approaches it, it is going to be undeniably funny. Actress Victoria Justice and singer Ed Sheeran are two of the confirmed special guests that will make an appearance during the Undateable live show.

However, there could still be a lot more surprises in store, which will likely make headlines shortly after the broadcast ends -- especially if Chris D'Elia is successful with his live tweeting plans.

[Image Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images]