‘The Originals’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Klaus’ Reasons For That Death And Rebekah’s Original Body

The Originals season 2 finale episodic photo

It’s time for the Originals Season 2 finale next week, and while Klaus may have a plan — as he revealed at the end of the latest episode, “Fire With Fire,” there will be consequences for his actions. But perhaps most importantly, the last episode ended with Rebekah doing something very drastic that will lead to her returning to her original body.

In the latest Originals episode, while Klaus went around with Dahlia and left bodies trailing behind him, Hayley and Jackson tried to escape with Hope, but one little adjustment to the Crescent curse, and Hayley – and everyone linked to her – was cursed to be a wolf every day that isn’t a full moon. When Mary, whom Hayley sent ahead with Hope, began changing in the car, she quickly got out, which left Hope alone for Klaus and Dahlia to find.

However, that was when the truth about Klaus’ actions came to light, as he stopped Dahlia from linking herself to his daughter and offered himself up instead, until she finds a way to get rid of that sleep spell. While Klaus, with Dahlia watching, did compel Gia to remove her daylight ring and force Elijah to watch her die, did put Papa Tunde’s blade in Elijah, and did bite Cami, there was more to it than met the eye. As Cami remembered upon waking up, Klaus told her it was all an act, and thanks to that, now she knows how to kill Dahlia.

Klaus had also compelled Marcel to kill Rebekah if she tried to leave, and upon realizing that she’ll wake up in her original body (Klaus therefore would take away her chance at what she wants – a mortal life), she stabs herself in the neck. That, of course, means Claire Holt is returning.

Yes, Holt is back for the season finale, and executive producer Michael Narducci told Entertainment Weekly that Klaus could have manipulated it so Rebekah would return to her original body for a number of reasons, including that punishment she mentioned herself.

“If Rebekah is in her original bod, she’s a little bit more durable and a little bit less likely to be easily killed in battle. … Maybe he did what he did because he wanted to delay her and keep her out of the fight as long as possible. … [Finally] he daggers his siblings and he stores them away as punishment until such time as he wants to bring them back. And he can’t dagger Rebekah in Eva Sinclair’s body.”

But does that mean that was Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ last episode? Not necessarily.

While Klaus may have had his reasons for what he did in “Fire With Fire,” that doesn’t mean that there won’t be “long-term repercussions, particularly in terms of the relationship between Klaus and Elijah and between Klaus and Marcel,” the EP shared.

Speaking of reasons and Klaus, the hybrid had three for killing Gia: to convince Dahlia he’d betrayed his family, to make it so he would be the one facing off with Elijah and not Dahlia, who might be able to kill his brother, and to hurt Elijah for letting Hayley leave with his daughter, and for daggering him.

Narducci teased that Cami is also going to have to deal with how she feels about what Klaus did to her because he did bite her.

“The first thing that she will have to do next episode is react to his willingness to hurt her, to hurt Elijah, to do all these terrible things in order to create this [ruse]. So, that will be the first step.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Originals Season 2 finale sets up a new twist for season 3, and Narducci has also previewed that it “is going to tie up a lot of loose ends.”

“It’s going to resolve the big question of Davina’s desire to bring back Kol. It’s going to resolve the question of, what is Freya’s play in this family? Can she be trusted? It’s going to deal with first, what Klaus’ plan was. And second, can his siblings ever find a way to look him in the eyes again, let alone trust him to help carry out a pan to help their child? And even though we may think that we have seen the last of Hayley and the Crescents for a while, there’s a little surprise there as well.”

For a visual glimpse at the finale, TV Fanatic has posted the promotional photos for the “Ashes to Ashes,” and the CW has released an extended promo teasing the siblings facing off with Dahlia.

The Originals Season 2 ends Monday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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