Give Your Mother Something Other Than Flowers On Mother’s Day

Don't Give Your Mother Flowers For Mother's Day

Market Watch suggests that you should give your something other than flowers on Mother’s Day. Your mother might be expecting flowers, but this Mother’s Day she might not want flowers. While nine out of 10 people give their mothers flowers on Mother’s Day, there are other options.

Gift cards are popular anytime of year. According a recent survey, 27 percent of mothers prefer gifts cards rather than flowers. Thirteen percent prefer a spa day, but only 8 percent of mothers wanted flowers. Even with these statistics, the majority of Americans will still give flowers to their mothers or wives.

Instead of flowers that die after a few days, mothers want gifts that last a little longer. For instance, mothers appreciate offers to help around the house. Thirty-three percent of mothers would like help cleaning, 20 percent would like a home-cooked meal, and 14 percent would like help with child care. Nearly 30 percent of mothers feel that Mother’s Day is a day to go out and be pampered regardless of what gift they receive. However, in order to leave home, they need someone to cover their responsibilities at home.

People are planning to spend $173 this year. This amount is a little more than the $163 spent last year, according to a survey done by the National Retail Federation.

Some mothers are traditional, and they will appreciate flowers. There are others who would love unique gifts that don’t include flowers.

Murad gives a list of ten things to give in lieu of flowers. So think outside the bouquet, and consider giving your mother something from this list.

  1. Make her dinner.
  2. Get her house cleaned by a professional house cleaning service.
  3. Order her a subscription to a magazine.
  4. Donate to a cause in her honor.
  5. Give her tickets to a play or concert, and let one of the tickets be for you.
  6. Treat her to dancing lessons.
  7. Buy her a spa treatment.
  8. Take her on a shopping spree.
  9. Go to church with her.
  10. Make time for her.

If you feel that you must give your mother flowers on Mother’s Day, then do so. But give something else along with the flowers, and don’t pick up flowers at the last minute from the gas station, convenience store, or grocery store. Put some thought into it and enjoy time with your mother.

The Huffington Post gives suggestions for gifts that are better than flowers.

“We’re not knocking the traditional dozen roses or springtime arrangements, but there are other, perhaps more thoughtful, ways to show your mother some love.”

This year, choose to give your mother something with a little more flair. You can never go wrong with an item that she’ll actually use, a gift that goes with her lifestyle, and celebrates her personality.

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