After Attending Wedding, Reza Farahan Calls Mike Shouhed’s Wife Jessica Parido An ‘Angry, Hateful B***h’

Monday night’s episode of Shahs of Sunset showed Reza Farahan telling long-time friend Mike Shouhed that he wasn’t invited to his upcoming wedding to Adam Neely. In his latest BravoTV blog post, posted Monday night, Reza clarified that his wedding disinvite was only meant for Mike’s then girlfriend, now wife, Jessica Parido.

Reza went as far as calling Jessica a b***h and made fun of her for believing Mike’s word that he did not try to have sex with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi during the group’s vacation in Turkey last season.

“Technically Mike was invited to my wedding, but only if he came solo. Clearly after the reconciliation dinner everyone was able to see what an angry, hateful bitch Mike’s wife is. Nobody in our crew wants to deal with that. Especially not me and especially not at my wedding. I do have to give Mike props though. He has a terrible track record and GG passed the lie detector test, yet his girl still believes him. That’s what you call a pimp whose mastered the art persuasion or she’s just a…”

In the Shahs After Show web episode, Reza, sitting with GG and Mercedes “MJ” Javid, said that Mike will always have a place in his heart. Jessica, however, is another matter.

“Here’s what I have to say. Mike, to me, is always going to be my brother. I love him, sometimes I don’t like him, and he’ll always be special. Jessica on the other hand, I don’t really know her. I gave her the respect she deserved and I got slapped in the face. I don’t want some b***h who doesn’t like me at my wedding.”

In his own appearance on the Shahs After Show, Mike Shouhed slammed Reza Farahan for telling him about the wedding disinvite at MJ’s dog memorial, when he was already dealing with seeing GG for the first time since she dropped her sex accusation in front of everyone at the pool party.

“Perfect timing of course. Why wouldn’t you bring up the wedding. I mean I’m already on the ground, they’re all kicking me. So you know, let me kick you too. Just idiotic. Idiotic. It’s very childish, very immature, you know, classless.”

Mike also pretty much said that he will not go to Reza’s wedding without Jessica Parido.

“At the end of the day I would never want anything bad for Reza or Adam. And if they don’t want us there, that’s fine but there is no way in hell that I would go to his cheap wedding without my fiance, or my girlfriend at that time…I have the wherewithal to know that all these issues in our lives will pass one day. It may take some time but it’ll pass. But these memories we can never re-live again. So for him to not invite me to his wedding or want me to come without my girl really shows that he doesn’t want us to have peace again. Because if he did, he would say, ‘Look, I’m gonna extend an olive branch to you. You come to the wedding. We’ll deal with our differences later.’”

Extending an olive branch is what Mike Shouhed did for Reza Farahan after filming the Shahs After Show web episode. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reza Farahan, along with Asa Soltan Rahmati and Asifa Mirza, actually attended Mike and Jessica’s wedding in Los Angeles in late March.

Jessica Parido seems to now be regretting letting Mike have his Shahs of Sunset friends at their wedding. Last week, she retweeted several tweets from fans that slammed Reza and Asa Soltan Rahmati for talking badly about her after attending her wedding.

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