Second Person Dies From Coronavirus In The United States, Infected Cases Continue To Grow

A second person in the United States has died due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. The individual was a man in his 70s who caught the disease in his nursing home just outside of Seattle, Washington. The overall location -- King County -- was also where the first American fatality from the disease occurred.

According to The New York Times, the Life Care Center -- where the second victim resided -- has had its issues in the past concerning disease control. The paper specifically claimed that the facility had a number of recent illness outbreaks and had not followed "infection control precautions."

This was already worrisome, as the nursing home is full of older patients who are particularly vulnerable to respiratory illness. But it is catastrophic considering the coronavirus.

To cope with the virus, the Life Care Center had told residents to stay in their rooms on Friday and throughout the weekend, with meals being brought by individuals dressed in protective gear. All visitors were banned from visiting the facility on Saturday.

However, the measures seem not to have been enough. In addition to the individual who passed away Sunday night, three other residents at the facility remain in critical condition and more have reportedly been infected.

Many who had visited the nursing home slammed the lacking precautions, with visitor Carmen Gray claiming that her mother, a resident at the home, had not been tested for the virus despite being sick with flu-like symptoms for "days."

"Since she has been sick for days and been around all these people, I don't understand why she's not being tested, if for nothing else to rule her out," Gray claimed.

nursing home sign in washington
Getty Images | David Ryder

Health experts have expressed their fear of the virus's spread from the nursing home. One quarter of firefighters in Kirkland had visited the facility and have since been placed in quarantine. A college located close to the facility had to sterilize its campus as a number of students had visited the center.

As a result of the growing number of cases in Washington, the state laboratory has been quickly working to supply up to 200 tests per day.

"We're really aggressively sampling in Washington State now, because we feel like it has been here and we haven't had the ability to lab test," said Dr. Scott Lindquist, epidemiologist for communicable diseases with the Washington State Department of Health.

The second death from the coronavirus comes as the number of infected cases continues to grow, both throughout the United States and internationally. In addition to the first confirmed patient in New York state, health experts have warned that there are potentially "hundreds or low thousands" of undiagnosed cases throughout the country, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.