WWE News: Sami Zayn Injured During 'RAW' Re-Debut?

In what could turn out to be an unfortunate series of events, NXT standout Sami Zayn, who re-debuted on Monday night RAW last night, appears to have suffered a shoulder injury, according to a report from WWE.

The 30-year-old native of Montreal revealed himself to be this week's opponent to current United States champion John Cena, as part of his open challenge. WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart introduced Zayn to a raucous hometown crowd that erupted to his appearance. However, it was obvious during the match that he was in some discomfort.

As the report from WWE states, the formerly known "El Generico" on the indepdent circuit for many years was being tended to by the company's medical staff for what appeared to be an injured shoulder. Despite the attention, Zayn continued to wrestle the match, coming up just short of capturing United States gold.

The report also mentions that the former NXT champion will be undergoing an MRI on his shoulder sometime on Tuesday to determine the extent of his injuries. Since the information is coming directly from the WWE, there is the huge possibility that Zayn's shoulder is actually injured... but then again, the timing does seem peculiar.

Zayn is still engaged in a bitter rivalry down at NXT with the man who defeated him for the NXT title, Kevin Owens. The feud between the two former Ring of Honor mainstays has seen Zayn on the receiving end of a seemingly endless barrage of powerbombs. Therefore, the shoulder injury could be used in storyline to further that feud.

Therefore, if that is the route that Zayn is being taken in, it adds another element to his feud with Owens. The company can question how much better Zayn could have done against Cena had his shoulder not been in critical condition due to Owen's constant assaults.

However, it's also just as feasible that Zayn is a victim of poor timing and happened to suffer an injury during the biggest moment of his current run with WWE. But since he did appear to hurt his shoulder relatively early into the match and continued to wrestle through it, perhaps the injury is not as severe as initially thought, thus making his scheduled MRI just a precautionary measure.

But for Zayn, he joins fellow former NXT champion Neville as the latest NXT performer to make a significant RAW re-debut. The Inquisitr recently reported that Zayn's main roster debut was drawing closer and that proved to be true.

[Image via WWE]