Why Can’t Chris Brown Stay Out Of Trouble?

Chris Brown just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Apparently the “Loyal” singer was in Vegas with pretty much every big celebrity on the planet this past weekend, but he wasn’t satisfied with simply watching a boxing match. Jezebel reports that the singer punched another man during a basketball game — barely a month after he was taken off probation over the brutal beating of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Rickey reports that Brown was playing a game of basketball with some other guys at The Palms Casino Resort when an argument broke out between the singer and one of the other dudes playing ball. The argument escalated and became physical, with Chris Brown reportedly socking the guy in the face. The unidentified victim of the alleged attack voluntarily drove to the hospital to get himself checked out. He had non-serious injuries, but it looks like police are involved anyway.

Police reportedly arrived at the scene of the alleged altercation but Brown was nowhere to be found. For a handful of days, Las Vegas authorities considered taking action and charging Brown with misdemeanor battery. However, as of Tuesday, it’s been revealed that no charges will be pressed. The Celebrity Cafe reports that the man that Brown allegedly punched has withdrawn his complaint with the LVMPD. He got out of the possibility of being entangled in another case involving his alleged violence.

So why can’t Chris Brown stay out of trouble? His legal problems all appeared to begin in 2008-09 when he violently assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna. The brutal assault stemmed from an argument between the two young lovers after Rihanna reportedly found a text on his phone from another woman. His reaction to her confronting him was to violently beat her. Photos still exist and circulate on the internet of Rihanna’s battered face as a permanent reminder and testament to Brown’s violent side.

Since the violent incident with Rihanna, Brown has been caught up in a handful of altercations. He reportedly threw a chair through the window of the Good Morning America studio after going into some kind of rage. He also reportedly stole a phone from a fan who was trying to get a shot of him at a nightclub. Then there are claims that he assaulted a photographer in a homophobic rage. A video of the alleged incident is on Youtube.

Is Chris Brown the victim of circumstance, or does he have anger problems that are going unchecked? That’s the question that’s been asked by a lot of people over the course of his career — ever since he assaulted Rihanna. He is off probation regarding that fateful night, but how long will that last?

Photo: via Instagram