‘Dancing With The Stars’ Week 8 Eliminations: Who Goes Home, Who Moves On To Semifinals?

dwts robert and kym

Who goes home on Dancing with the Stars on Week 8? It’s the first double elimination of the season, with two of the six remaining couples heading home at the end of tonight’s live results show. The four couples who are safe will move on to the Season 20 semi-finals next week, one week prior to the DWTS season finale.

UPDATE: Chris and Witney; and Robert and his partner, Kym were eliminated on Tuesday night. Headed to the semi-finals next week are Rumer and Val, Noah and Sharna, Nastia and Derek, and Riker and Allison.

The scores from last night’s America’s Choice and Trio performances were combined with both the scores from Week 7 (Eras Night). Unfortunately, even high scoring couples like Nastia and Derek (or Sasha), or Rumer and Val, could be eliminated if they don’t get enough fan votes. Buddy TV‘s John Kubicek hopes that doesn’t happen, noting that “this season will be a total joke” if Nastia, Rumer, or Riker are sent home during the live results show.

This week’s leaderboard looks a lot like last week’s, with Chris, Noah, and Robert sitting at the bottom again. The three celebs have a great fan base, so they’ve been sticking around on Dancing With the Stars despite their lackluster performances over the past 8 weeks.

Here’s a look at the Week 8 leaderboard while we wait to find out who’s in jeopardy, and who is safe to move on to the semifinals next week.

  • Rumer and Val: 80 (40 – America’s Choice, 40 Trio)
  • Riker and Allison: 78 (39 America’s Choice, 39 Trio)
  • Nastia and Sasha/Derek: 76 (36 America’s Choice, 40 Trio)
  • Chris and Witney: 64 (34 America’s Choice, 30 Trio)
  • Noah and Sharna: 63 (31 America’s Choice, 32 Trio)
  • Robert and Kym: 62 (33 America’s Choice, 29 Trio)

The scores above will be combined with the Week 7 scores. If you’ve lost track, here are the scores from Eras Night courtesy of ABC.

  • Nastia and Sasha – 40 (extra 2 points for immunity)
  • Noah and Sharna – 38 (extra 2 points for winning dance off)
  • Riker and Allison – 37
  • Rumer and Val – 37 (extra 2 points for winning dance off)
  • Chris and Witney – 31
  • Robert and Kym – 31

After last week’s shocking elimination of Willow and Mark, it’s hard to predict which two celebrities will be eliminated tonight.

Noah Galloway and Robert Herjavek could go home based on scores alone, but votes from their fans may save them from elimination. Chris Soules’ dancing has slightly improved over the past few weeks, but rumors of a split with his fiancée, Whitney Bischoff, could hurt his chances for staying — votes from fans are very important.

Find out which two couples go home on the Dancing with the Stars live results show starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image: ABC]