'RuPaul's Drag Race' Week 10 Recap: Prancing Half-Drag Queens [Spoilers]

Fans of RuPaul's Drag Race said goodbye to Miss Fame last week, but the queens were happy to be another step closer to the crown. Sorry, Miss Fame. The remaining six queens had a new obstacle in their way: dancing. Yeah, the challenge would have been right up Alyssa's Edwards alley -- Ginger Minj's? Not so much.

Before we get into the main challenge, there was almost a mini challenge this week. The queens had to serve up plastic surgery realness. "The Fake Housewives of RuPaul's Drag Race" made their debut with taped up faces that made them look like victims of cosmetic surgeries. Violet Chachki won the challenge and the right the assign the teams of two for the main challenge.

Serving some cosmetic surgery realness.

Though, can I just say that Trixie Mattel has never looked prettier.

Trixie is a true valley girl at heart.

Violet chose Katya as her own partner. She assigned Ginger to Trixie and Pearl to Kennedy. Each team had to perform a specific dance that combined two styles. Then, RuPaul announced that the queens will have perform in half-drag. One half of their bodies will be dressed as men and the other half as women. This is the first time in drag "herstory" that RuPaul has asked the queens to dress as men -- even if it is only halfway. This Drag Race has been having a lot of firsts.

Violet and Katya practiced their Vogue Tango, and had a few hiccups -- though the two pulled it together for the main stage. Ginger and Trixie were doing the Country Robot. Ginger got out of her comfort zone by dancing in public, and the judges thought she was magnificent. Oh yes, and Trixie lifted up Ginger in an elegant sweeping move. It was marvelous.

Kennedy had a rather stiff partner in Pearl, which worked out well for the Charleston part of their Charleston Twerk routine. Still, the judges found their show entertaining and their runway looks acceptable. The team of Kennedy and Pearl was safe.

With the queens being judges in team on this episode of Drag Race, that means there were two winners. Katya and Violet really pulled it together this week to make a cohesive look and dance. Trixie and Ginger, unfortunately, fell into the bottom two.

After an heated lip sync, one where Trixie was giving it her all, one queen was sent home. For a second time, Trixie Mattel was eliminated from RuPaul's Drag Race.

[Photo via Twitter; GIFs via LogoTV]