Gwendoline Christie Confirmed As Captain Phasma, ‘Star Wars’ Chrometrooper

As part of the Star Wars day celebrations, Vanity Fair has revealed a portrait of “chrometrooper” Captain Phasma, officially acknowledging for the first time that Gwendoline Christie has been cast in the role.

Noted photographer Annie Leibovitz visited the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens during filming to document the cast and crew, and her work is set to appear in the newest issue of Vanity Fair. While one of the images revealed Adam Driver as the villainous Kylo Ren, another photo has confirmed a longstanding rumor among eager Star Wars fans. When the “final” Leibovitz portrait from the set was revealed on Vanity Fair‘s site today, it served as direct confirmation that Gwendoline Christie will be appearing as Captain Phasma, the film’s much-discussed “chrometrooper.”

Okay I am psyched for Gwendoline Christie as CAPTAIN PHASMA.

— Robin Sloan (@robinsloan) May 4, 2015

The first images of the chrometrooper appeared online last year, as the Inquisitr noted, and since then Star Wars fans have been treated to numerous rumors surrounding the soldier’s identity. Many of those have now been swept aside, however, with confirmation that Christie will portray the character, who serves as a member of the “First Order,” the film’s central villains.

“This portrait is official confirmation of the rumors that have been circulating for a while now. You weren’t imagining it; that was the lanky Brienne of Tarth stalking through halls and chasing the Millennium Falcon in the most recent trailer. Though many fans have already nicknamed her “The Chrometrooper,” Christie’s character is actually named Captain Phasma and is a member of the First Order—the film’s new version of the evil Empire.”

The Vanity Fair spread depicts Christie in full armor, wearing her helmet, and standing in front of a stone building and a small fire. Cape slung over her shoulder, Christie is depicted examining the First Order’s handiwork.

“First Order officer Captain Phasma surveys the rubble following an attack,” the sidebar caption notes.

Images of Christie as Phasma were likely not intended to be released until Tuesday, according to Mashable, but made their way online around midday on Monday, May 4. While it is unclear if the “leak” was intentional or a purposeful move on the part of Vanity Fair, it is now beyond debate among Star Wars fans that Gwendoline Christie will be appearing in the role of chrometrooper Captain Phasma, a character that is sure to be the subject of much interest ahead of the film’s release.

[Image: Disney/ Lucasfilm via Dork Side Of The Force]